【blender octane】Open source tutorial -Analysis of all parameters of blender octane renderer

Hi, recently I noticed that blender octane has gradually stabilized, so based on the spirit of open source, I have made a full parameter tutorial about octane (because it involves understanding the code, not including OSL). I hope it can help you~
Video address:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8-DcKc9HE7WrrkYOwDevj2ygrXEOrA21

By the way, here is my open source plug-in(Make your blender more like a keyshot(supports octane)):


Thanks, but your tutorials are on Chinese, even worse interface are also on Chinese. It’s ok. but it’s common to warn people. Same is with your plugin, you can make this available here on on some filesharing site… with English interface.