blender - octane rendering pipe line - experts needed

Dear friends,
i bought the octnae license and it is damn fast in rendering. i have some problems in exporting the meterials of the scene/object to octane standalone.

  1. when i start the render call (animation option in blender option) blender exports the current viewport to the octane but not the materials.
  2. though i have selected the export materials option it still renders only white/gray render of the image.

i am new to rendering, any working pipline for blender -octane or any expert who use these 2(blender and octane) for their projects help is needed.

appreciate ur help on this.


Hi, do you use the Blender for Octane addon or standalone only?
Anyway, all objects need to be UV- unwraped to work with Octane even the default cube.
Octane use own materials, Octane diffuse, Octane glossy and so forth.
It is a bit outdated but basic information is there:

Cheers, mib

Dear mib2berlin,
i have both plugin and standalone licenses. here is how it works.

  1. once we add the addon, u will see octane render as cycles render.
  2. in addon it will ask you enter the license for both( stand alone and addon). you need exe path of standalone
  3. once u click on animation, it exports the animation scene into frames and calls standalone dynamically and goes in wait mode for next image to export.
  4. in standalone you just need to select the gpu option to render the image, finish the job to process the next frame.

everything works fine. but the problem is meterials are not getting exported as i did in the blender. yeah i know that octnae has its own meterials and difuse adn glossyy…

what is the use of the applying meterials in blender itself and waiting for the scene to render. need a solution/ suggestion here.

we dont want octane to decide about the meterials except render. plz help needed.

thank you

Sorry, there might be a language barrier here, but it sounds as if you want Octane to render Cycles materials? That’s not going to work. Cycles nodes for Cycles, Octane nodes for Octane.

Other than that I have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry…
And frankly, I’m still unclear if you’re talking about the special “integrated” version of Octane Render for Blender (with the OctaneRender server, the one you pay for) or just the Octane exporter plugin (the free “unofficial” one; both links might only be visible for licensed Octane customers)?


i am using blender octane edition with dl kernel and now i want to know about pmc kernel can any body how to get realistic images using pmc kernel

Thank you