Blender official guide blows ~_~.

Grrr I was so happy to have it and to learn all the new stuff I’ve been learning with it. But then, poof the fucker pops up with random new vertices outa no where in the first tutorial (the gingerbread man tutorial). Yep in the book he has extra vertices all of the sudden half way through the tutorial. Too big of a pain to go back and add them in, so I was just going to use the files that the book included (book includes tutorial files at certain points). Anyways the tutorial files are gay, and I donno what the deal with them is, but they are not the same as in the book, at least the bones are not…

I finally decided I’d just do the online version of the tutorial…which is for an older blender, and though it doesnt add random vertices half way through the tutorial it does use methods that do not seem to work in the most recent version of blender. Anyways this stupid hour long (so it says it only lasts an hour) tutorial is just pissing me off, and I need to blow some fumes somewhere.

PS: Just noticed this post is in the wrong spot, I should have put it under news/chat. Please move post if you see/care any mods.

it’s not even worth being put in the News / Chat forum, i wouldnt be surprised to see this topic removed altogether…

keep this sort of thing to IRC please.

I agree. There is enough of this sort of thing going on around here. If you need help on something specific, then ask for it. There are alot of people here who are more than happy to help somebody with a problem, whether it’s a tutorial or a project they are working on.

I successfully completed the gingerbread man tutorial a while ago, as have many others. I can understand frustration, I go through it all the time. But ranting for the sake of ranting is not likely to get you much sympathy.