Blender Offline Docs/Manual for 2.49b [HELP NEEDED]

I’m working on a small open-source game project (3D graphics with Blender, Game Engine - BGE).
I need your help!
I do not have permanent access to the Internet and I need access to the manual version of the current Blender 2.49b (WIKI MANUAL - SEPTEMBER, 2009)
I need help with the manual backup.
I think it will help many people.
Moreover, this is probably the last 2.4.x (2.49b) version of Blender.
Read more about how to create offline manual here:
Binary HTMLDoc for Windows (.exe)

[ ]
For editing, PDF export and more you can use:
…and more.

If you (like) want to help me with “transfer” of the current WIKI manual in to PDF (HTML, DOC, ODF etc.). Please contact me at [email protected]

  • I send you more information about my project and about progress of BlenderWikiManual to Offline version.
    Many thanks and sorry for my English ,