Blender + Ogre Exporter HELP!

Hello. I am relatively new to Blender, but learning fast. However I have recently hit a wall with my progress. I will explain:

I am creating a few low-poly tanks for a game I am making with a friend. He has little 3D model knowledge, so it’s up to me. His game uses Ogre3D meshes, so for Blender I got the Ogre exporter and the xsi converter. Slowly I realized that the exporter will export each seperate mesh as its own .mesh file (correct me if I’m wrong about this) unless the model is 1 entire mesh. I need this to be 1 single .mesh file. Here’s where my problem(s) come in.

I have 2 bezier curves in my model for a path the tank treads can follow (treads themselves are basically an arrayed cube following the bezier curves). The first problem I have is that when combining an array with another mesh, it wont follow the curve anymore. I tried Alt+C to convert the array to a mesh, but then it will follow the curve, but not rotate around it. The second is that I cannot seem to find a way to join the bezier circle to the tankbody mesh to create the single mesh I need. I also tried converting the bezier circle to a mesh, but then my tread will not follow it anymore.

What I need:
In short, my goal is to export the object as a single .mesh file in ogre exporter, while still having my treads follow these bezier circles. Any method of doing this would fix my problem. If there is a way to export as a single .mesh file with OgreExporter without joining meshes, that would instantly solve my problem.

If anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it. Just please remember I am somewhat of a newb to Blender, so lamens terms please!

As far as I know that won’t be possible as you can only export ‘meshes’, A bezier curve, even if it did manage to export would be converted to a mesh.

What you could do is model a low poly mesh in the shape of the tracks and have an animated texture move across the surface, this would look like the tracks are moving, if you have an edge section move with the tracks it would give the illusion of the tracks being full 3D.

If, however you want to go the 3D mesh route you’ll need to figure out away to animate the tracks as to use only meshes and armatures, then export as an animated mesh.

Hmm, thank you. I thought that seemed to be the problem. I was actually looking at animated textures as a possible solution.

Still, is there any way you know of to export seperate meshes under a single .mesh file? I could use this for other reasons. My bones are parents to the turret and barrel of the tank. So far I have 3 meshes: Tank body, turret, and barrel. If I combine meshes, the tank body moves along with them, which is not good. I’m basically looking for the non-single-mesh option here, as I cannot find a way to move these meshes with the bone without deforming the mesh other than parenting.

Do I need to include the bezier circle with the export? Or will my treads still know to follow that path?

Also, is there a way to get the robotic movements of a parent armature with joined meshes?

The meshes following the path is a Blender thing, it won’t export the animation and once you delete/ remove the Bezier circle the meshes won’t follow the path.

Instead of parenting the mesh(es) to the armature you should parent each individual mesh to the bones instead, that way there won’t be any deforming, I’m not sure if this will solve the multi-mesh export issue, Perhaps there is an option in the exporter to change the way it exports?

Also, you’ll probably get a lot more useful feedback from the Ogre3D forum as there will a few more users who have experience with this sort of thing :slight_smile:

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