Blender & Older Games

Hey whats up guys im a newbie here just want to learn some cool new things,im an artist i have experience in photoshop and i have Modded some older games for learning experience.I come to this forum for a little help and insite on some things i wanted to do with an older game.I wanted to know if blender would work or can work with older games such as Madden 08,Nba Live 08 and so forth,If so what could i do with it and how could i do something different with the game such as animations and improving the gameplay?I have already improved a number of things within this game and i have a thread here if you want to check it out,maybe a good experience person here could lend a hand and help to improve this mod!!
Well i look forward to learning how to use Blender and hopefully make a few friends that can be helpful to me in my learning process.