Blender on 2 screens??

I didn’t know where to post this, so sorry if I posted the wrong place.
Currently I’m using my laptop for blendering, but I think my laptop screen is too small.
So my questions are:
Can I use Blender on 2 screens?
Do I need to “tell” Blender that I’m using 2 screens ?
Anything else,I need to concider ?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

You can stretch the window to the second screen, but if they are different resolutions, it’ll be a bit of a hassle working with it.

[edit] ha, Remmy was typing faster than me :wink:

yes, you can do that! Currently your only option is to stretch the blender window across both screens. You don’t have to tell blender to do that, just manually resize the window (can’t remember how it behaves in fullscreen mode). To avoid dead areas, both screens need to have the same resolution.
In 2.50 it will be possible to open multiple windows on different screens, so resolution won’t be a concern anymore.
Happy blending!

I’m using it at 2 screens, with a diffrent resolution, and it works fine, no problems found.

Dual screen support is planned for blender v2.5.

It’s not that it doesn’t work if the resolutions are different. It’s that it has the quirks that Remmy and MPPIC pointed out.

I put together this image to show what the issue is.

The black boxes represent the monitor resolutions. The light red box represents the blender window.

You can either make it as big as the smaller monitor will support, which leaves unused space on the larger monitor. Or you can make it as big as the larger monitor will support, which leaves “dead” space (areas you can’t get to) on the smaller monitor.

The proposed 2.50 fixes should make this go away, as you can open two windows to the same scene and size each according to the size that’s best for the display on which it lives.

thanks for the replies! :smiley:
I’m now looking for a new monitor, and I’ll try to find one with the same resolution as my current monitor :stuck_out_tongue: