Blender on a PS2?

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Anyone heard about this, Linux for PS2?

I was browsing around the Sony site, and they’ve got something coming out soon, Linux for PS2. The kit comes with 2 DVD-ROMs (One with proprietary stuff, the other with GPL stuff), the PS2 Network adaptor (slightly different though, only ethernet, no modem, and there won’t be support for the modem in the standard Network adaptor for a while), a USB Keyboard and mouse, a 40gb HDD, and a monitor cable (plugs to the AV I/O port on the back, and looks to have a VGA port for your monitor and Left/Right RCA jacks for audio). No set release date yet, but the price is set to $200 USD and $250 EURO.

Seems pretty interesting (And I might’ve considered buying it to play with until I found out that my monitor’s been tested and failed, you need a monitor with sync on green, I guess both my Gateway EV700’s won’t work with that).

But, I realized that this could be a cool, yet probably under-powered Blender station, hehe. Any Linux gurus around who would know whether or not Blender would compile on this system? I guess the big question would be whether or not it will run OpenGL instructions. Of course, if the Linux community really gets into it, I’m sure there will be OpenGL compatable drivers eventually.

Anyhow, it’s all

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i dont like playstations, but i think it could be very interesting.

by the way, they have brought linux to the xbox too :slight_smile:

look at:


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Even though I don’t use Linux, I think it would be more beneficial on an Xbox.

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Didn’t know that about X-Box, that’s cool. Question though, you need to install a modchip, does that void the warranty? Just a thought, since the hardware needed for PS2 Linux comes from Sony, so the warranty on the PS2 is still good. Also, with the X-Box, you’re still doing it on a TV screen, so it’s not gonna be too great (unless you get an HDTV, or HDTV reciever for your PC, that may work good… I’m thinking text quality right now).

All around, I imagine this is only really useful for those who want to play with hardware, and perhaps get a job in console programming.


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I read that Microsoft did not like the mod chip idea as it also allows for the use of pirated games, but they stated that they will try and work out a way to allow support for linux by a similar chip (one that doesn’t allow pirated games to be played!). But yes, even with the PS2, putting OSs that people use on their computers onto consoles is a very good idea. Good work Sony and Microsoft!

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maybe i’m missing something, or maybe i’m stupid. but i’m thinking, doesn’t linux on the xbox sound weird to anyone else? considering xbox is made my microsoft wouldn’t you think they’d rather force people into a microsoft os?

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Underpowered I think not.!!! :x There’s no reason why Blender or any other software shouldn’t be converted to run on a PS2 based Linux system. It just needs the man to programme it.
I have been following the development of this OS on the PS2 for a while, mainly cos at the mo it’s the only way to get your hands on a hard drive. Price in the UK at the mo is £140 for the full kit.

As for the open gl etc, the polygons displayed at any one time is enormous even on the x-box. I reckon to use the PS2 alongside Blender on a home comp af any type would be awesome for any type of games programming. This is in a way how they’re written for the ps2 now anyway, using a developers PS2 box and 3dsMax, in the case of Vice City.

My 2 cents worth.


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Hi all.

if anybody is interested:


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You’re right, I think it’d be cool (especially as a render daemon), but still, compared to a modern PC, consoles don’t match the power. I got an Athlon XP 1700, 512mb DDR RAM, and a GeForce2… what’s a PS2 got? X-Box? Keep in mind they’re also rendering for really tiny resolutions compared to PCs ('cept the X-Box does do HDTV… though I don’t know which one, anyone know? 720i, 720p, 1080p?).


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TuxRacer uses LibSDL and OpenGL, so someone must have ported MesaGL or similar to the linux distro for the XBox.

Compiling Blender for this distro should be fairly straightforward in that case. Now that would be VERY cool!