Blender on an EC2 instance ? Problems with OpenGL

Im trying to run Blender on an EC2 instance but it wont run because all of them have only OpenGL 1.1 installed even the ones with elastic GPU and after updating the drivers.

Has anyone installed newer OpenGL on one of these ?

Did not bother updating openGL so I can only give you this workaround:
Open terminal inside your blender folder and type “./blender-softwaregl”.

This is not very elegant, but oh well. :slight_smile:

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Which instance and OS are you using and which remote desktop solution? Windows instances don’t work with RDP remoting because RDP uses a virtual display driver that disables all OpenGL stuff. If you are sure the drivers are ok, try some other remoting software, Teamviewer, Anydesk etc.

Last time I checked (May 2017) Blender was running just right on GPU instances - p2, using x11vnc.