Blender on ATI X1250, GMA X3100 and GeForce 7000?

Hi guys.

I might be buying a laptop soon and the models that I like either contain a ATI Radeon X1250, Intel GMA X3100 or GeForce 7000 graphics card.

I need to know does blender work well with these cards? I’m especially interested in the ATI X1250 and GMA X3100.

So what kind of experiences you guys have had with these cards and blender?

I dont have much experience here, but from what Ive heard and articles Ive read, ATI cards are living hell with blender. So definitely dont get that one.

I’d stay away from the 1250. I have it in my laptop and it is a real drag. The openGL display is so poor that I have problems navigating the open file dialog. I dual boot with Linux on my laptop and it’s pretty bad there as well. I’d go with the nVidia if I were you. Even if the computer overall has less specs, you will probably be more happy with the purchase. I am disappointed with my purchase.

Take the NVidia. IIRC I had a similar chip in a laptop and it worked well while I had the ATI issues with each and every computer with ATI card I have used with blender, including an ATI 1150.

i have a x3100 in my lenovoR61 and it’s a real drag.

I also have an X3100, and it is a nightmare. I’ve had frequent problems with display issues and navigating the menus. I’ve heard that there’s a way to get around the OpenGL issues on ATi cards, but you’re best bet is the GeForce. I’m quite certain that you’ll be happy with that. Just make sure that you have the latest drivers.

A GeForce 7000 would be recommended, for a little more power get a 7300, the cards are only around 100 bucks

The laptop with the Geforce 7 model is your best option. Overall a great card that will do what you want. However if you can afford it I suggest the Geforce 8.

I ended up buying a one with GeForce Go 7400 ;). Though I had to send it away almost right away since it was malfunctional |:… The laptop, that is…

Confirmed. I used to have one; I went between 3 to 10 FPS. It was a 128mb card, but that’s no excuse for 3 FPS… Nvidia saved my Blending hobby.

hi, i have a similar problem too, i’m buying my first laptop, and i can’t choose between a KD996ES and a Dell Inspiron1525. the hp has an ATI Radeon X1250 and the dell has an Intel Integrated GMA X3100. another difference is that the hp has a Turion Dual Core 2.1 Ghz and the dell has an Intel Core 2 Duo 1,66 GHz. i’m not a big gamer… soo, what should i do? could anyone please help me? thanks…

I have Acer NB with X1300 and it does very well. Although the driver is old and Acer don’t care to update, it works without any problems with Blender.

I have a macbook laptop with an x3100. blender is useless with this card. I’m trying to find a work around for it… which is how i came upon this post. if you need to use blender… better stick with the higher end cards.