Blender on CeBit 2009, collection movies

(vizzy) #1 everyone,

as you maybe already know, Blender got a sponsored stand at the Cebit 2009 in Hannover/Germany.

I now collectiong animations and movies for a demo dvd/playlist to be shown at CeBit.

I would please you all to send me links to your highres movies and animations done with blender.
Please mail me to [email protected]
If you have a small anim not larger than 10 or ~ 20mb, you can send it to me via email, or put a link in the email to your highres movie.

CeBit begins on 3rd of March until March 8, 2009

These Animations, maybe not all, depends on how much i get etc. will be shown on CeBit to the public. (please remember this and do not send violence movies, sex and crime etc or copyrighted or advertising stuff)

I wont collect animations or movies from other sites without having the acceptance of the artist. (and youtube etc is bad bad quality :slight_smile:

There is also still some Help wanted. If you are interested in helping out at the CeBit stand, please let me know. For now we have only one guy (credits to philip, the cebit guerilla) who will be there the whole time.

For now we have very limited resources regarding housing costs etc., so there is a paypal account ( [email protected], subject: Donation f. Blender CeBit ) where people can donate.
We will get 500 free guesttickets for the cebit. so at least everyone who makes a donation will receive a guest-ticket for free entrance.

Our ‘official’ CeBit thread is at blendpolis:

Blender Booth: Linux New Media. Hall 6, Booth F50

Thanks in advance
afka vizzy / verblendet

(vizzy) #2

The official Linux Mag site announcing Blender: (now with screenshots)

(vizzy) #3

or here
but no screenshots yet.

(vizzy) #4

Please also send me your still images :smiley:

(vizzy) #5

I just received about 500 e-Tickets for CeBit.

Anyone who wants to come and wants a free ticket, please email to:

[email protected]
subject(!): “Blender Cebit Ticket”

vizzy / verblendet

(patricia3d) #6

Download my 16 free Blender movies from
and Lots more movies on
And some are here and some are here
They are in MPG format because of size problem, whichever you like I can produce good quality mov with your desired size. I hope you will like my Blender work.

These all movies are created in Blender.

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This should help in your search.

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(Linny) #9

Hi to all,
i just translated my Blog article about our time at the blender booth at the CeBit 2009 into english.
There are some pictures too. In the next couple of days there will be a complete gallery and some short vids too.

Ps.: Please forgive me my bad english, i’m a bit out of practice… :confused:

And this is the link to the german version of the article:

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(vizzy) #11

linux blabla, opensource, blender! at cebit 1009

neues spezial, 3 sat, sunday 15.03.2009

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Shoot! Completely missed this thread :frowning:
Oh well, continuing happily :slight_smile: