Blender on CGTalk

Not sure if everybody knows about this but I just seen the blender has been added as a sub-forum on Wings3D.

This is pretty cool. It wasn’t their last time I visited that forum I don’t think. But anyway it is nice to see Blender getting around.


It’s been there a long time.

And of course the only free open-source fully functional 3d suite is going to be recognized in one of the largest CG forums on the internet.

yup, its been there for a while, don’t know how you could have missed it. :-?

blender is everywhere!
In every 3d related forum out there, there is talk/tuts/forums,etc. about blender.
It is recognized as a fully functional 3d production suite and never ever have I heard depreation or anything like that about it.
Of course there is the lack of functionality, but lets be honest. This I have read a couple of times. Its there and thats why blender is still like the little brother of the profesional tools. (don’t feel being stepped on your feet, all I say is liquid,hair, cloth :expressionless: , be honest!) - but this will change soon, if the development keeps this rythm… :o

anyway blender is great, and its great that it has such a enthusiastic community of users.

yeah blender actually does have a lot of respect out there.

lets hope big studios pick it up and keep the plugins Open Source, it would be nice, but unfortunatly i think that plugins might be sold for blender which cost thousands of dollars, and blender will almost be lost in the plugins LOL


Yes when big houses get a 3D application they usually always add to it so it will do things they want it to do. Alot of studios have done with with 3D MAX and i am sure it will be done with Blender.

Will they will release their changes to the public, probably not.


They do most of the time, but for a price. Otherwise they might be helping competitors for free.

Well, it is sharing the glory with Wings3d, there at cgtalk… :wink:

Never really understood why Blender share forum with
wings as wings is just a “modeller” that can’t do much more
than that…

…and I think Blender is superior.

The way I understood it is this:

Wings3D is being used by many professionals aside high-end packages (I have seen it stated that ILM uses it). So they had a reason to add a Wings3D forum. After that many people using Wings3D as their MAIN modeller start using this forum and it seems that several of them use Blender for rendering (and maybe animation and such) so these people started asking for a Blender forum but these questions where mainly asked in the Wings3D forum. So the mods for the Wings3D forum decided to host a sub-forum for Blender.

Today I did several searches on CGtalk’s general forums for Blender-related discussions and my conclusion is that outside of the Wings3D community Blender is still not being recognised for what it really is (a VERY powerfull app tmo). So that might add to the explanation.

Btw, I don’t think Blender is superior to Wings3D as a modeller, but Wings3D is of course ONLY a modeller and nothing more. But it’s a heck of fantastic modeller for what I have seen of it (not using it myself YET).

Hmm…I never really saw the great things in wings3d…

but maybe I didn’t check it out well enough. I do use Blender for
commercial purposes and ditched my 3dstudio max package simply
because the modelling workflow where WAY faster (imho) in Blender…

…so perhaps wings 3d is worth another checkup…

Actually, Wings3d does not aim to compete with Blender :slight_smile:

I know it very deeply. Have been using it since its beguinings.

I first tried Blender long years ago…'96, perhaps. But was only able to understand it 8 months ago, when I really started to use it. And I think I was able as I had used max at the game company, and many other softwares. (I didn’t really read the Blender doc, which would have been th esolution at any moment. But first moments, there wasnt the doc freely available…I had to dig for inet tuts…quite hard for me, then…)

I use Wings3d for modelling, and Blender for game character animation or rendering stuff. And is a great combination.

When I tested Nendo (initial inspiration of Wings3d) I didn’t like it either. Indeed, is these days Wings versions which really worth it.

Wings only models, but how. :slight_smile:

Maybe after 1.0, or in 2.0 (and it takes years for a full number) it may add bones… in 2 years… I don’t know.

It just concentrated in being a modeller. That’s all.
I model with it and uv map with Ultimate Unwrap. And I’m really satisfied :slight_smile:

To sum it up: I like Max, Blender and very specially , Wings. And I tend to see in each comunity is rare to see people using several softwares at a time. I encourage people to do so. Is good. You then can use the best of each. But i’m feeling a bit alone in this.

When I go to max forums, all people say max rules and is the king, and free software is not professional (there’s always a pair of cleverer minds) .At other forums happens the same with their package…

At wings forums, instead, I see since always a very positive concept of Blender…Some of the best are indeed old blender people that keep using both…

I know at least several people here that like Wings3d.

Blender has a point to point modelling that Wings3d lacks a bit. And Wings has other things that any 3d artist would like to know and use.

So…most tools are great :slight_smile: but some are specially great :slight_smile:

I’m liking a lot blender weighting, bones features, etc.

And yep, many Maya professionals I am aware they use Wings3d for modelling :wink:

IMHO the two of them are two jewels we’re lucky to be able to use.

I also see a lot of “airplay” for Blender on other forums, and of course I do my part. :wink:

Personally, I don’t care if “big studios” use Blender. They are like any other data-processing shop that got into their business early, used the tools that were available then, customized and b<!>stardized the hades out of them just to make ‘em work, and went on to produce millions of man-hours’ worth of work-product using them. They’re never going to “re-do” all that stuff. And they’re always going to be working on projects of a size that might well dwarf Blender. But… “who cares?” They’re hauling coal: they need freight-trains. WE get to use Porsches! :smiley:

What Blender did, and continues to do, is to bring all of those powerful features well within the grasp of the ordinary individual(s) working in the video realm. Not everyone is producing a feature film. Boatloads of people are producing visualizations for all sorts of reasons. Most of them are to video. And I flat-guarantee you that lots of those people are using Blender.

As Blender continues to improve, it will dominate.

one thing I can not understand is this kind of “patriotism” some blender user have developed. I read statements like "we are the best"or “we are superior” with quite a bit of concern of the mental state of these people.
I like to see a lot of people using blender as it enriches the comunity and the possibility to get more and more feedback and coders improving it. But:

HALLO (shaking and knocking on the forehead) WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SOFTWARE. blender is a program, a utility, a tool. %|

as for blender being a sub-thread at CGTalk…well I could not care less, but it seems that some wings users get pi…ed off when tey read blender Qs ar their part of the forum…

wings3d is an awesome boxmodeler and its use is widely spread in the CG-community, for the speed and control it offers to the artist. If anyone is interested check the video-tuts-links at cgtalk and your eyes will pop wide open. Its fast modeling. I see it as an extension of blender.

It is a really long history going back more than a year (May 3, 2003)

For a long time the few Blender users that used to hang out at CGTalk were commenting on the posibility to have our own forum, but basically Blender was a practically unknown piece of software at CGTalk and we where about only 5 or 6 the Blenderheads visiting regulary CGTalk. Add that to the fact that the mods on CGTalk are really reluctant to opening new forums (people has been asking for a GIMP forum for years and they hasn’t approved it jet).

After a kind of heated disscusion and some gentle brainwashing performed by myself, Ali Tezel (SheepFactory), who is the Mod for the Wings forum, agreed to give Blender a test run on CGTalk… -that is why up today Blender is nested into the Wings forum. He wasn’t very convinced of the idea but decided to open the forum. It was so ¨test like¨ that even file attachements were dissabled.

By Sheep Factory at

Hi Guys ,

This is a test run for Blender.

Its up to you guys to keep this forum active. if it dies down it’ll be removed.

happy posting everyone :slight_smile:


From that point up, me and a few loyal blenderhead cgtalkers has carried the mission of keeping the CGTalk forum alive, and it hasn’t been an easy task (we had been borderlining clousure about two times because lack of posts). Luckyly there has been a lot of recent activity, almost to the point of the Blender forum been more active than the Wings forum that is hosting it.

The original discussion that resulted in the opening of the forum can be seen at

Apollux - wow :o

Thanks for that nice well explained story.

I’m going to try Wings 3d again when I have the time,
still seems a bit simple compared to what I’m used to
but I could be wrong.

“one thing I can not understand is this kind of “patriotism” some blender user have developed.”

In general, imho that’s no good for a tool/comunity.Is like “closed minded” :wink:

"as for blender being a sub-thread at CGTalk…well I could not care less, but it seems that some wings users get pi…ed off when tey read blender Qs ar their part of the forum… "

I don’t know that forum, I only visit the original, oficial one at ez board. And there, I think there’s even a feeling of close friendship with Blender.

I don’t share that feeling of those getting angry for asking questions of othe r package. After all, is all about 3d and its problems and solutions.imho

oficial one has never been really crowded, and is not a “fast” forum,(like the one at cgtalk) . But is a quiet friendly place :slight_smile: As far as I have seen these years.

" I see it as an extension of blender. "

Good concept. In fact, I use Blender as an extension of Wings :wink:

Hmm…I never really saw the great things in wings3d…

but maybe I didn’t check it out well enough.

You didn’t.

I disagree - I’ve tried using Wings a lot before, but it’s just not my ‘style’ - I find it a bit obtuse to use. I can imagine it might be the same for other people.

Not trying to get anyone into wings (trust me :wink: ) but anyone can adapt to whatever the modelling tool.It’s all about vertices. :slight_smile:

The tool can be more or less comfortable, more or less quick…but i find to see people to adapte to box modelling, or people to used to point to point modelling, or to metaballs, find a resistance to try other systems. Is best to try several. Is usual that people tend to intrench in the way they learned first…

Every software has a feel, and is ideal for certain style of modelling…You can just stick to it, and never use other thing, or adapt yourself to other styles of modelling…also.

To put an example, Wings is more box modelling (but i hate the term, as is much more than that; is a very rich/featured modelling, derived style from Mirai¡'s modelling ) , Anim8or -usually- is used as a point to point modeller. Hamapatch, Spatch, and Jpatch (which I also love) is splines, patches modelling .

At the end, there’s stuff quicker and better to do with splines, stuff much better to do with box modelling, stuff (like sharp detailed veins, etc) better done in Amorphium/zbrush style, or with metaballs.

Each tool tends to lack of some thing. there’s no perfect tool even in the highend field. What a sad feeling I have seen in some people when they discover their uber powerful highend package have worse tools for uv mapping than the 40$ Ultimate Unwrap…Or that the organic modelling is proved everyday at the office to be better in Wings.

I have seen it happen at jobs, and was quite fun … :smiley: