Blender on Dell Axim X50v PDA? Can it be done?

I own a Dell Axim X50v PDA, and although I already knew about it having a 3D-graphics processor, I had never before seen what it is truly capable of. But now after running some PowerVR realtime demos on it my jaw almost dropped. Dreamcast-like graphics on the palm of my hand! It’s graphics chip coupled with the 16MB VRAM installed is currently able to run OpenGL ES stuff, and it seems the new Windows Mobile version brings some Direct3D capabilities to it.

So I have two questions:

1- Can I compile (from Windows XP Blender 2.37 or 2.4) a Pocket PC Executable file for my Blender games?

2- Even better, can someone port Blender to Pocket PC???

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that would require a decent answer to question 2

someone is working on it, it is more difficult that you’d imagine

it will not be usuable to the extent you want anytime soon, and with only one developer it will never keep up with the rest of blender.

the original pocketpc version of blender was of a version before standalone runtimes mostly because the architecture of everything was much more simple [the game engine was c then, not c++]

I’m sure the person working on porting blender to the pocketpc would love some help though…