Blender on Dell Inspirion 11


Has anybody tried running Blender on Dell Inspirion 11 with Pentium N3530 processor, 4 GB RAM? If so, could you share your experience? Will it do for non complicated scenes?


will i dont know about it but, i use dell core2 dio 4 g ram and it,s not bad

It’s likely you have a rather low-end machine (ie. its processor is not even to the point of a i3 chip). You won’t be able to do any heavy stuff in Blender, but it should be able to run (providing you have a GPU that supports OpenGL 2.x or above).

The only thing I can say is that you at least don’t have one of those bargain-basement Intel Celeron machines (good luck doing anything outside of Facebook, email, and internet browsing with those).

I started out using Blender on an old Compaq laptop with 256MB of RAM and a single core processor, don’t remember the clock speed though. You should be able to do decent work with that Dell, probably won’t be doing much in the way of physics simulations such as fluid and smoke though, unless you’re extremely patient :slight_smile:

My current laptop is a 2Ghz dual core AMD M300 with dedicated Radeon mobility 4100 gfx that I only recently upgraded to 6GB of RAM, used to be 3, and it’s served me well. I wanted to upgrade to 8GB, but found out my laptop, and Toshiba laptops in general, is picky about memory so I couldn’t do 8GB unless I used Micron or Samsung memory which was just too expensive for DDR2, would’ve been more economical to just buy a new laptop at those prices.

P.S. Actually according to Linux my processor is 2Ghz on one core and the second core is 1.4Ghz, though it’s advertised as being 2Ghz dual core. Pfft, whatever, it works well enough.

I once ran blender 2.49 on a 386mb ram, 1.6Ghz zingle core laptop, where it went along quite happily. In fact, up until 3 years ago I was working on a 1.6ghz dual core with 2gb of ram.

But yes, it will be slow. As per normal, the faster the better.

I’m run blender on an i5 ultrabook, and it runs fantastically. I can barely tell the difference between it and the i7 desktop I have at home except when rendering. But then I rarely work in the millions of polies.
I would reccomed trying to get one of the intel i[3,5,7] series processors, even an i3 will push along blender quite happily.
If you look at this page:

You can see that the pentium you list (made in 2014) has about the performance of an i3 from 2012.
But it is all a cost-performance tradeoff.

Thanks for all your replies - it is very helpful :slight_smile:

I bought a DELL Inspiron 17 7000 series about a year ago… The highest end one in the Inspirion line… I have had lots of problems… right now the WIFI kicks out almost daily. Occasionally the mouse curser does this thing like it is processed … I am not kidding … the curser bounces across the screen and selects stuff at random…