blender on domain problem

I’m a school teacher at kennedy High school. I am going to teach blender for the first time in my Multimedia class. Blender works fine on local admin but on our “enterprise” domain with a restricted account login for students blender has problems. The help menu doesn’t show up and it seems to take a long time to render. I also get an error message before savings.
I’ve changed the permissions of the blender foundation folder to include enterprise/students and propagated it down. Class starts in two weeks and I’m sweating.
Can anyone help?

What O.S. is this ? Windows ? (XP ? (pro) … Linux?

Is Blender installed / being run from each machine … or from a shared network folder?

Don’t see how that would affect the help menu. Are all the machines the same? Are they running ATI video cards? … There are known issues with those cards, do a search on the forums here for solutions.

As for rendering, what is the /tmp directory in the user preferences defined as? … Are the permissions set on that directory?

You might also try the #blendercoders channel on IRC, where the programmers hang out for more info.

I actually haven’t installed Blender in any of those configurations :slight_smile: … but if you provide that info it might help others to help solve your problem.


I’m running windows xp pro and windows 2003 server… It’s installed on each machine with a local admin login. Since I submitted I installed it on the user login even though it was already installed on local admin. it seemed to work although I didn’t have time to thoroughly test it.
I don’t think the ATI video card is the issue. i’m home now so i can’t check out the card but I don’t think its ATI and it works fine on admin and installing over it on the user domain account.
If I use the install on the domain user account each student will have to install it in order for it to work. I was hoping there is better way.
I didn’t look into the " /tmp directory in the user preferences defined as" possiblilty. I’m assuming the permissions would be okay for each user but I will check.
Perhaps if I installed blender on the domain admin login that might work

there’s a teacher who wrote Blender Basics - James Chronister. jchronister at as well as a professor at Carnegie(?) or maybe california that wrote a whole series on teaching Blender. They must have run into this…

It is probably something stupid like permissions, or a network mapped drive that is really slowing it down. do the three finger salute and see if anything is running in the background. Also, your school sysadmin should be helping you…

Thanks for your help. I will email this gentlemen to see what he know. We have a choice in my school district to go trusted (district support) or untrusted ( not district support), I chose untrusted for various reasons including the fact that the district is slow to react to problems and it seems that running higher level programs such as adobe and macromedia programs we have issues on a daily basis.
I have students sign up for a directed study admin position to help run my lab. It’s a great hands on experience for them. It all works out well. Besides, I think we have a better chance in solving the problem than our district techs.