Blender on drugs? Dope sheet

In my vocabulary “dope” stands for drugs.

So why this name? What does “dope sheet” really mean?

(btw, I am Dutch.)

We use the word dope in English slang to mean drugs also, but it also has a lot of other uses / meanings. For my own curiosity I looked it up and its origin is actually dutch; doopen - to dip, mix.

One of the meanings of “dope” as an English noun is “news or facts, especially confidential information.” I believe that is the usage intended in “dope sheet.” (ref: )

It’s shocking that Blender has so many connections to the Netherlands and yet the Wiki page on the dopesheethasn’t been translated into Dutch

I meant this as a snarky comment but I thought, "Maybe I better check the Wiki… it turns out that almost none of 2.6 is available for Dutch readers, and even the 2.4 docs is pretty slim. It’s a good thing that Dutch is the closest language to English, what?