Blender on dual monitors

Hello. I have got 19" LCD monitor (iiyama prolite e481s [IPS not TN panel]) (12801024) and i want to buy the same model of monitor. I want to have Blender window on them.
The deskop resolution will be 2560

Will blender display properly on 2 screens? I’ve heard that Blender doesnt always looks properly on big resolutions

I have WinXpPro and Radeon 9200 with DVI and D-Sub output so i can connect one monitor on dSub and second on DVI.

What do you think? Will Blender run good?

I’m waiting for answer :slight_smile:

well it works great on my dual 1600x1200 setup

The only problem that i have found is that blender forgets screen/window setup in windows, so needs to be dragged out to full size every time etc…


some videocard have a option integrated in the taskbar of the window and for my dualscreen setup i only have to click the dualscreen-maximizer once. check your videocard software for such a feature. (sometime you may have to install a extra program like I installed the ATI official program hydravision to get such a feature)

I got it exactly at 2560*1024 and works nicely. It never forgets the setup as long as you hit CTRL+U to make it the default. You can chek my setup here:
and you can grab my .B.blend startup file here:

It also depend on your drivers.

On windows 2000 with the latest Nvidia drivers …it just doesn’t work with
OpenGL in two windows with me (but then again I use Linux so I really don’t care) :wink:

On Linux (in Cinerama mode) Blender stretches over two Monitors just fine
fully 3D OpenGL Accelerated on both screens.

So it all depends…

what alltaken was talking about was the fact that the Blender3D window itself (not the blender3d itself like 3d view and stuffs) that needs the resizing to make it maximize to both of the monitors. (I think this is what alltaken is talking about too cause I have the same issue until I found the dual-maximize button feature)

ah! you mean on windows or linux? Someone else had already asked this specific question for nvidia drivers. I posted a SS of where to set it up:

what cards are you using? i am on Nvidia. i wonder if there is an option for it in there. i have two PCI-E graphics cards, one running each monitor.


I’m using one ATI Radeon 9550 AGP (256MB DDR) and using a DVI-to-VGA adapter to set up my dualscreen set-up and one of the software is Hydravision which also control the transparency of the window and stuffs. When I enabled it for the first time, I saw a extra button next to the standard minimize button and when I clicked it I found that it maximizes the window across to both of the monitors.

I dunno how this would work with 2 videocard set-up
or with the Nvidia cause I have not used it before.

I have one DVI and one D-Sub output, can I connect one one monitor on DVI, and second on D-Sub? I think that I dont need any adapter?

yeah U might be able to connect both of your LCD monitor this way. the only reason why I needed the DVI-to-VGA adapter was that both of the monitor that I uses are VGA and my card have 1 DVI, 1 VGA, and 1 S-Video connection.

Hello. I have connected monitors on my linux, all is ok.

my res is 2560*1024, but my radeon 9200 max opengl resolution is 2048x2048.
I want to have blender on both screens.

so i want to buy cheap graphic card (i have AGP, and that new card wont work when i will buy new motherboard, so cheap)

what graphics cards can use opengl on that resolution? (2560x2560)

i though about radeon 9600Pro, but i dont know if it can use opengl at that res… i found discrepants informations… can someone say me how it is with that card?

oh u have a linux computer? I thought that you wanted to set the dualscreen up on windowxp like u mentioned on the first post. I have never made it to work on linux myself either and I had another videocard just to see if it would work with 2 vid card, it didn’t. You may have to be prepared to dive deep under the hood of linux to get it to work. I use my blender on my window and are using linux for everything else (though I need helps! trying to get my wireless to work)

i had windows now i have linux ubuntu.

ALL works, only i want to have opengl max resolution not 2048x2048 but 2560x2560

so i must know what cards (for example radeon 9600) can do it.

2560x1024 = 2621440 pixels
2048x2048 = 4194304 pixels

I don’t see why your GFX card can’t just do it. just stick the size in the Xorg or whatever file it is. you cards stated max res AFAIK is just a guide based on its performance capabilities. i may be wrong, but i think it can go bigger.

I had two monitors at 3200x1200 on one card and it was on a card worse than yours.


no, my card can use max 2048, and i can have blender window max to this horizontal resolution, if its bigger , blender crash when it have to do something on >2048 pixels.

i must have horizontal maximum 2560.

i have readen about these resolution and i seen that radeon 9250 and down have max 2048x2048, and radeons 9500 and upper can show opengl at 2560. i must be sure that radeon 9600 can do it.

do you know any ati/hardware forum when i can ask about it?