Blender on G5

Has anyone sucessfuly used blender 2.34 with Mac OS 10.3.5 (Panther) and G5?

I installed the binary from, and the interface is EXTREMELY choppy (several second delay between mouse clicks and “hover over tips”).
Rendering isn’t very fast - same as my AMD 2200 XP+ system with 768 mb PC2100 ram and winXP pro. I thought for sure the G5 would be a little quicker, if not a lot.
I’m willing to recompile from source, but I know NOTHING about compiling with Linux, let alone Mac G5.

interface is EXTREMELY choppy (several second delay between mouse clicks and “hover over tips”).

Try setting the display to thousands of colors

That shouldn’t happen on a G5 or on that AMD unless you shoved in an old graphics card. I’ll swap you my ibook for your G5 - no choppiness ;).

If you want to try compiling Blender, there are instructions at in the forum somewhere.

OS X compiling instructions are here, although I don’t really think that will solve your performance problems.

Thanks for the tip on thousands of colors, I’ll try that and report back.

I’ve been using Blender 2.34 on a Dual 2Ghz running 10.3.5 with no problems. The interface has been smooth as silk. Rendering wasn’t as great as I was expecting it to be until I set the processor setting from 1 to 2.

is your screen set at thousands or millions?



I wonder if it’s the single 1.8 with 600 fsb that makes a difference…I wouldn’t think so though. I’ve used it on an older G4 867 (latest OS updates) and it ran great. I don’t know if there’s something wrong, but I’m going to try to compile it on my machine. Do you use Yafray, and how does that work? It just shows a black screen on my machine.

I do use Yafray. It works fine for me. Do you have it installed separately from Blender? The default setting in Blender is to export the scene information to an XML file and then running yafray as a separate process. When rendering is done, it should put the draw the image in blender’s output window. You have to specify where the xml file is to be saved. Do that by going to the top of the window where the menu bar is. If you hover over the line under the menu heading, your cursor changes to a closed hand. Click and drag to reveal some user pref settings. Click on the ‘File Paths’ button. The first setting is ‘YFexport’. Click on the folder to set the path.

If you deselect the xml button in the YafRay tab of the render settings, the image should then render directly in blender. You should see individual blocks rendering all over the output window.

Check out this thread:

Excellent yafray/blender reference!

I don’t see how it could be the bus speed, but who knows. I’ve been running it at home on an eMac (1.25 Ghz/167 Mhz bus) and it runs great there too. Could it be the iMac video? How do other OpenGL enabled apps behave?

I reinstalled the OS (full), updated to 10.3.6. The interface is still choppy, thousands of colors doesn’t make a difference, and I think I’m going to return my iMac. Really disappointing.

hmm… that stinks. At school in our G5 lab (10.3.5 2Ghz 1.5 GB SDRAM, 32bit color) I’ve had no problems. Perhaps it’s your video card, being an imac?
We have ATI AGP 128 MB vram, If that helps.

Hide the Dock, or at least make sure it does not overlap blender window. dock and blender don’t cohabit well (and we cannot solve this, it is a quartz upon OGL problem only apple can correct).

If you have enabled the hack for the blue blob of exposé, remove it too.

Did you use the 10.3 or 10.2 build ?

both will work, but 10.2 build needs a separate python install for some scripts.

trash the prefs (.B.blend) in your home dir.

As Ton, the main dev and creator of blender, is using a G5, you can be sure that he took care that the interface is NOT choppy.

I used it at blenderconf, and it runs as silk.


I’ve worked on UI drawing the past months, changes which will be in 2.35 and give good improvements on ATIs, it might be possible your system suffers same issues.
Please test this one;

Don’t return the iMac, this has to be solved! :slight_smile:


I can’t return it, I’ve passed the 14 day window plus my iMac is custom (extra ram and HD size) therefore out of the question. I’ll try the Dock hiding thing next.

I’m wondering if there is maybe something wrong with my machine anyway as iMovie doesn’t render very fast (about the same as an 800 G4). It won’t let me put the hardware test into loop mode either…

I am excited for the 2.35 release though!


is that file the source? I’d need some help in compiling, as I’m not much of a programmer. (I haven’t even thought about delving into Python yet).

Don’t forget to try this test build I posted here! It’s almost identical to the 2.35 release.

Did you try to remove the extra RAM?

Well, my dock wasn’t on top of Blender…but my floating clock window was! I removed that, and TADA! Everything works great. I would have never thought about that. I also ran the XBench test yesterday three times, and my final score was 170 each time, comparable with other iMac G5s.

Boswellian - The Ram is a 512 DIMM installed from factory - but because it’s not the standard 256, it is therefore custom (same with the hard drive).

Ton - The test build runs great! A few new features that I’ve noticed so far, I’m sure there are more. I haven’t really tried anything with it though. It did crash on me once…let’s see if I can remember what I did. Seems to me I was opening a file, or saving to a directory that didn’t exist - but I can’t remember for sure.

Thanks everybody for the help!