Blender on HDMI blurry and hard to see

My guess is this is more of a User Interface solution and not a technical support question so I am posting here rather than technical support. Mods please move if TS makes more sense.

I have a second monitor hooked up to my ASUS laptop…I bought the laptop last year and didn’t have an HDMI cable so I just ran the thing off the VGA interface. Everything looks fine. I decided to flip over to HDMI recently and apps really look great except Blender. If I go back to the old cable, Blender looks fine. But in HDMI, the text is blurry and the 3d viewport is hard to see - can’t really see verts and edges against the background…the worst is wireframe mode; edges are impossible to see. If I move Blender back to the main laptop monitor or back to SVGA cable, it looks fine. I have played with brightness, contrast, resolution, DPI, and even some color settings (haven’t found one I like). I am wondering if others have experienced this issue and what they did to solve.


Blender 2.77
Windows 10 64bit
ASUS ROG Laptop with i7 CPU. 2.5gh.
Second Monitor: HP 2207h