Blender on i-devices? Linux Mint team talks about how you can run Linux on the iPad

A little ways down is the bit I am talking about, the Linux Mint team has been collaborating with other devs. on a virtual desktop app. named ‘Shells’. What that means is that you can install Linux Mint as an app. on your iPad, and theoretically use that to run Blender. I am not sure how far you would get on usability unless you had peripherals, but this should also function for Macintosh as well.

It would be interesting to explore at the least, for those cases where you want to do light Blender work on the go (such as when you are on vacation and have no access to your desktop). You might want to have the new Pro model with the M1 processor to ensure decent performance, but the very thought of finally being able to run FOSS on iOS is a breakthrough in and of itself.


This is just a glorified remote desktop viewer to a machine in the cloud.
Nothing you couldn’t do already (provided you know hot to set up your own VMs on AWS for example).
And: NO, you will not be able to install Mint “on” your iPad. You will not even be able to use this service when offline - and I don’t understand where you get the M1 processor performance bit from.

I would absolutely LOVE Blender on iOS, too… but FOSS on iPadOS is not going to happen any time soon; Apple has been making their position very clear on that.