Blender on Intel Mac takes on new urgency

They’ve finally released the replacements for the iBook (of which mine has started to recently show it’s age) and damn, they look good. Shame about the Intel graphics, but it appears to be identical inside to the Mac Mini.

I’ve just bought a new computer as well, damn them! Will try to hold out until Leopard at least.

You maybe know this already but there are unofficial versions out for the Intel Mac for testing but they seem to be having trouble with the Intel integrated GPU. I agree those Macbooks look nice, especially as they all have core duo chips, widescreen and have those shiny displays like Sony Vaios have. Magnetic latches and fancy keyboards too.

I can’t believe the lowest end one is just £729. There was an article recently that compared the cost of the Intel machines to PCs with equivalent parts and you only save about 10% with a PC. An Intel imac’s parts amount to about £150 less than the machine and you still have to put the parts together.

I would have loved it if they’d used even a slightly better GPU as a low end option though. Seriously, I think so many more people would buy it if it had an ATI or Radeon and it might only add £100 to the price.

Apparently, the GPU is still faster than the old Mini and has some sort of HD video acceleration in it so you can play up to 3 HD streams at once without dropping frames but for 3D performance, it kinda sucks.

It’s a shame because there’s such a huge gap between it and the x1600.

Ah well, if they get Blender up and running properly on the integrated chips, I might consider getting a Core Duo Mini. The render times should be much faster than the G4.