blender on iPod touch or iPhone

Now…afaik this hasnt been done yet, but wouldnt it be really cool if it was?

The reason i am mentioning this is the same reason for having Blender on
a pocket pc device. Afaik. The iphone and the ipod touch is running os x
and is in fact a full fledged computer. The difference (at least to me) is that
the ipod touch is the first actually useful pocket pc device even though
it was just ment to be a sophisticated ipod with internet browsing capabilities
well… Even ths Nintendo ds lite can do that…but its processor is only 33mhz afaik
and that makes browsing literally useless imho (i have that one too).

now to the point…i’ve just gotten an ipod touch…and hardware vise
it seem like one of the most powerful pocket devices ever made.

I am not sure of the actual hardware specs. As many sites say different
things…but its supposed to have a goforce 6100 from nvidia, (that explains
ll the giddy opengl like 3d windows action and fluid screen performance)
and its supposed to have entire 3 arm processors from 400 to 800 mhz?
thats amazing if true.

One thing that does amaze me is the touch screen…its like nothing i have
ever seen before…most screens need a sharp tip to work and are
neither as quick or responsive as the ipod touch (which by the way can
handle two fingers on the screen at the same time)
it is also by far the most usable surfing device i have ever
had. In fact i wrote this post on it via wifi, normally i’d never
have the patience to write long texts on a phone or pda for reasons
most people who owned one knows.

To the point - the use of blender on such a device is not to produce artwork on the
go (even tough the touch can be connected to a screen with just a cable) but to
showcase work

Interesting. I generally hate iPods, though this one I must confess I don’t mind. Except, of course, the price. Also, the Meizu M8 is similar, and cheeper. I’m waiting for it to come out.

That would be cool. The screen’s big enough to show a render, and then you could open up the blender scene and rotate around it for people and stuff:D.

I generally don’t like ipods as well, figuring something like a creative zen can do more stuff…
.,. that is until Ipod touch came out. And pretty much eclipsed everything else in existence.

I run Pocket Blender on my Dell Axim. iPod Touch/iPhones just… Don’t… Make much since. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re not pen based, so input is hard. It was a pain on my Axim. :stuck_out_tongue: (You need a 3 button mouse for Blender, that’s like, required.)

Speaking of 3 buttons… navigation on the Touch is nothing short of awesome as it
has a very different touch system than any PDA . the PDAs are dependent on pressure sensitivity, the touch actually “feels” your bioelectricity so you can´t use a pen on it.

And …here´s how you can simulate the 3 button thing - set Blender to simulate a 3 button mouse with 2 buttons. The iPod Touch can accept 2 fingers at once on the screen …afaik…the only pocket device known to be able to do this, so yeah…it SHOULD be possible. Although…It´d not be practical to use the touch for actual renderings as the processor isn´t THAT fast.

Right now I can´t wait to “jailbreak” it to get other apps running on it - it just begs for cool apps. The speed of this thing is amazing. You can play mp3s while surfing at top speeds.
Watch youtube videos too - again - no jittering.

I got to try one out recently and I was pretty impressed. I was actually quite skeptical about the device’s usefulness when it came out but the way they’ve done the touch screen is very good indeed - by far the most responsive and interactive touch screen I’ve ever used.

The tilt feature was a bit flakey IMO but everything else was just as it is in the demos, very fluid and interactive.

The lack of an official SDK was a big kicker but it seems the reason was to ensure platform stability and security. They’ve now announced an official SDK due to arrive in February next year.

A bit long to wait but it’s better than nothing I suppose and people can use the hacks until then.

It would be interesting to see what modelling would be like on a touch screen like that with the gesture interface.

i’d be happily surprised if it had only the basic function of opening a .blend file and navigating through it’s 3d space.

I wouldn’t want it for design, but to show off 3d models interactively.

awesome suggestion Osxrules!

The special touchscreen this thing has would be spot on for gesture animation.
I’d not be surprised to see games based on that in the future,
I kind of expected that for the Nintendo ds but when I got one
I was fairly dissapointed by the unresponsive touch screen the
ds have, If they made it touch based instead of pen based like
the iPod touch then the games would become new and different.

It also have an accellerometer (used for sensing the tilt)
imagine how cool it would be interfacing that to python
and make use of it in the game engine

Blender could easily be used to make simple opengl based
games for the iPod touch

Well, Apple has just made the iPhone + iPod touch capable of playing web 2 apps on the internet. You should try them out here JoOngle:

So if Blender was able to made into a web 2 application that could be used on the internet, then yes, it could be used on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Another option, is something opened up the other day by Steve Jobs. It won’t be availiable for a while, but it could work for Blender.
This is what Jobs wrote:

"Third Party Applications on the iPhone
Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users. With our revolutionary multi-touch interface, powerful hardware and advanced software architecture, we believe we have created the best mobile platform ever for developers.

It will take until February to release an SDK because we’re trying to do two diametrically opposed things at once—provide an advanced and open platform to developers while at the same time protect iPhone users from viruses, malware, privacy attacks, etc. This is no easy task. Some claim that viruses and malware are not a problem on mobile phones—this is simply not true. There have been serious viruses on other mobile phones already, including some that silently spread from phone to phone over the cell network. As our phones become more powerful, these malicious programs will become more dangerous. And since the iPhone is the most advanced phone ever, it will be a highly visible target.

Some companies are already taking action. Nokia, for example, is not allowing any applications to be loaded onto some of their newest phones unless they have a digital signature that can be traced back to a known developer. While this makes such a phone less than “totally open,” we believe it is a step in the right direction. We are working on an advanced system which will offer developers broad access to natively program the iPhone’s amazing software platform while at the same time protecting users from malicious programs.

We think a few months of patience now will be rewarded by many years of great third party applications running on safe and reliable iPhones.


P.S.: The SDK will also allow developers to create applications for iPod touch."

So there you go.
Lets hope we see Blender being touched soon on the iPhone :smiley:


Yes, I have seen the statement, I didn’t know about the web applications. Cool!