Blender on Linux = HowTo?

I installed Kubuntu 6.10 in a partition of my computer, after that I instaled some DEB packagies, and now I want to install Blender! But is so difficult!

I downloaded the file:

but I dont know how to install this! :confused:

Previously I installed Koffice 1.6.1 but was a pain downloading a lot of dependencies and installing all the packagies and dependencies in the right order.

Anyway, if have someone Kubuntu 6.10 and has reached to make Blender running on it, please share how do you achieved this. How to install Blender on Kubuntu?

try typing in a terminal “sudo apt-get install blender”, and then type your password.

Or you can try with “Synaptic Package Manager” and do it with a GUI.



Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Couldn’t find package blender :frowning:

And how to specify where is located the package? Or I need to copy the package in a specify folder?

Also I have “Adept” but I dont know how to add the package to this package manager.

Look in System => Administration => Software Sources and activate at least the “Universe” option. I recommend you activate all.

Then again try “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get install blender”

You can use a graphic program in System => Administration => Synaptic Package Manager.

if you can’t find it do “sudo apt-get install synaptic”

and look again.

hope it helps


I think he wants to install cvs-build.

You don’t have install that tar-file, just extract it somewhere. Then go thath folder and double-click file called blender. (or if you prefer command line, then cd to that dir and type ./blender

Hope that helps!

Or: if you really want to dive to the latest possible blender, you can start using cvs and build it yourself. That requires little bit work in first time but then you can have the latest blender with one command any time you want. Here is howto:

Ubuntuist, pardon me…but does the procedure applies to mandriva too… any specific procedure?(just learning linux)

If you guys want to test prebuild BlenderCVS versions, make yourself a directory where to stall these builds. For example on ypur Desktop. Open up terminal/konsole or whatever you use.
Type: “cd Desktop” then “mkdir Blenderbuilds” to get a new directory to store your testbuilds.
move or download that blenderXYZ.tar.gz to this directory “mv blenderXYZ Desktop/Blenderbuilds” and go there “cd Desktop/Blenderbuilds”. Now you must unpack it with “tar zxf blenderXYZ.tar.gz” go to the new folder “cd blender” and start blender with “./blender”

have fun


Yes, I think so. tar.gz is just a compressed bunch of files. After decompression just launch binary.

Or do you mean the cvs part? That differs because mandriva uses different package manager but the names of the packages are pretty much same. (version numbers might differ). After the depencies are installed, the procedure is same.

Ok guys…thanks lot…

The fastest way to install blender. I do this on the Linux Fedora platform
get a command prompt
su root
yum install blender

To install the Repository version of Blender you must activate the extra repository sections.

Go To: View > Manage Repository

You will see alot of shaded in text and some non-shaded. The non-shaded is the repositories that Adept is allowed to use.
So to get the other repositories. Look for the Text that begin with “deb” or “deb-src” select, then Right Click > Enable, once you have done that to all the shaded in text that begin with “deb” & “deb-src” go to the bottom of the window & press “Apply”. Once done go to the top and click on “Fetch-Updates”.
You can now Download Blender and many other programs. By doing the usually typing in the Search Bar at the top of Adept.

Hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

If you create a file like the following:

Cut and paste into new file /etc/cron.daily/

cd /home/yourusername/
tar -xjvf blender-2.42a-linux-glibc2.3.6-i386-static.tar.bz2
____End Cut-

Then run:

sudo chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/

Your computer will automaticly download the latest nightly build from my website and unzip it. Throw a shortcut on the desktop and you will always have the latest version of blender as of last night.

Note: I typed this from memory, it should work, but there may be a typo.

Theanks for your advices.

I finally installed Blender using “Adept manager” after adding a universal repository, but now, Blender wont start. :frowning:

Im getting the following error message:

":~$ blender
guessing ‘blender-bin’ == ‘/usr/bin/blender-bin’
Compiled with Python version 2.4.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “:0.0”.
ERROR: Unable to open Blender window "

I need to install some nvidia drivers or something?

It’s an issue with your card. Something to do with GLX support. Make sure glx is installed. You may also need a

Load “glx”

line in your xorg.conf file, right below the line that reads:

Load “dri”

or at least in that same section.

You need to install nvidia drivers
this link should help:


Well, he shouldn´t install nvidia drivers with another brand´s card?! Anyway the guys are right you don´t have hardware acceleration for your card. either you did not install the correct drivers yet or you didn´t configure correctly. The content of /etc/X11/Xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log would be helpful as well.


Theanks to all for yours advices. I managed to install Blender 2.42a from an “Universal Repository” and also the nVidia drivers using “Automatix2” and now I can run Blender (2.42a).

But, I have one question more:

How to manage to make working the following:

Im extracting using “Ark” but it seems like cant extract the entire archive. The directory “.blender” containing the “locale” and “script” subdirectories cant be extracted.

I can have 2 different Blender versions instalated in 2 different locations?

I tryed your metod but Im getting this:

":~$ wget
[1] 5742
:~$ --22:24:15--
=> `index.html?path=’
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 6,447 (6.3K) [text/html]

100%[====================================>] 6,447 25.08K/s

22:24:16 (25.03 KB/s) - `index.html?path=’ saved [6447/6447]
:~$ tar -xjvf blender-2.42a-linux-glibc2.3.6-i386-static.tar.bz2
tar: blender-2.42a-linux-glibc2.3.6-i386-static.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
[1]+ Done wget

Go to thist link:
and download the nightly build.

Then open a terminal change to the directory where you downloaded the file and type:
“tar -jxvf blender-2.42a-linux-glibc…” (the name of the file you downloaded).

That command should uncompress blender in a directory, look inside and find a file named “blender”, you have to execute that file.

You can execute with a double click in konqueror, or in the terminal in the same directory where the file is, write “./blender”.