Blender on main french newspaper "Le Monde"

Le logiciel d’édition 3D Blender fut le premier à faire l’objet d’un rachat de ce type. En faillite, la société Not a Number avait vendu en 2002 le code source du logiciel à une communauté d’utilisateurs qui avait réuni 100 000 euros. En quatre ans, le projet a évolué et fait aujourd’hui référence parmi les progiciels de 3D.,[email protected],[email protected],0.html

The news refere to the Rhyzom’s gpl try.

I was quite surprise to found Blender on such a place

’ (…) among the better 3D package (…)’ :slight_smile:

Only four years :smiley: Imagine where it’ll be in 2010! Thanks for sharing this karpov.

[progiciels = prodigieux + logiciel ?]

I’m not that surprised. “Le Monde” has since a long time given news about and even promoted the open source movement.

‘progiciel’ is like : ’ non end user software’ :o

… or may be more : PRO-fessional SOFTWARE…:slight_smile:

“Le monde” is a shit of paper (and not sheet :slight_smile: )

Really, it’s not glorious to see Blender quoted in that

my momma says that if you dont have something nice to say, you should keep your mouth shut, Meltdown.

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Meltdown, roger,
it’s always a pleasure to talk with you

especially when “le monde” is a reference newspaper, on the same level as the Times or NYtimes

Is it a proof of its quality?
I’m a french speaker so i know better than you what this sh*t of paper is!

Because it quotes Blender, it’s a wonderful paper??? yeah super relevant!

Roger: cry me a river:stuck_out_tongue: