Blender on Mobile Phone (i know, stupid quetion)

ok i have an iMate PDA2K with Windows Mobile 2.
Would it be possible to load blender onto it?

WAY back when, there was a Blender for Mobile branch, but it lost support long ago. Sorry. The idea was to play games on your mobile device. That’s one of the ideas so much effort goes into keeping the footprint “lite”. There may be recent news/revival.

if there was one for mobile, then sum1 might have it…mabye whoever has it can upload it?

Perhaps BlenderPocket? Well- I found the site that had it, but it is under construction, so bookmark it:

A word of fair warning, though- (I speak from experience), Blender becomes almost impossible to use unless you get a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and forget about rendering altogether.

The good side is that the project files are compatible with the desktop version (2.42, I believe), so it makes a really nice way to display meshes and wireframes on the go…

I haven’t had a chance yet, but google “Blender Pocket” and see if there are any download mirrors still available- namely, try the pocket pc sites…if nothing comes up, send me a PM, I’ll try to dig out my old copy of it and send it to you…

(bit hard to see the download button, but look for “download from server 1”)

i got it from a diff site,
your right tho, i cant even select an object couse touchscreen doesnt have a right click:(

getting a bluetooth mouse isnt worth it anyway…i think

Ooh, and arnet there some hotkey maps anywere for PocketBlender?

Yup, considering Blender is one of those 3d apps that can’t give up frigging modifier keys. How do you suppose to navigate without your indispensable alt, ctrl and shift keys? The only known 3d app that fully supports keyboardless systems such as tablet PCs and other mobiles is MOI. You can even input numbers without using a keyboard. Solution: ask Blender developers to add equivalents in the UI such as zoom, rotate, pan, etc.:spin:

Yeah, on my Pocket PC, you have to press a button, tap and hold the object, double-press another button, tap and drag the widgets, tap a button- etc, etc, etc- it’s takes 10 times longer…

I had a boring day once (wish I had more of those lately!), and I decided to see if I could make an animation- I made a simple building with built-in textures, and animated a flyby-

Then I hit render (rendering at like 150X150, no OSA) and put the pocket PC down- 2 days later, it was about halfway through rendering a 60 frame animation…

Still- mobile tech gets better and better, so who knows? A truly effective, portable version in Blender could still be possible- maybe one that recognizes voice commands in lieu of keyboard shortcuts?

The Apple iPhone touch and the iPod touch feature a multi-touch interface - meaning you can probably “hold” a “virtual” ctrl button on a “virtual keyboard” as one of the Blender Buttons to do this. Afaik - it’s the only “pda” that can do this, it also has a very powerful processor. So it SHOULD be doable.

Come to think of it… I’ve already installed the BSD-Kit thing in this thing…with compiler, terminal and the works…technically it should be doable…maybe I’ll try it one day I’ve got nothing better to do - programming the multi-touch interface would be for someone smarter than me though as I’m not a coder.

Okay, DanielSDZ- I think I found what you are looking for:

The downloaded folder should contain a text file called “hardware_button.txt”. If you open this up on your computer and change the values to reflect the buttons you want to use, it will make it a little easier to work with…at least it’s a temporary solution. The catch is you need to find out the actual machine name for each button (example: 0xC2) so you can patch it in- I did it by way of an emulator which would show you button names as you mapped them, but chances are you’ll need a different approach to find that data on your machine.

If all you plan on doing is carrying models around to show them off, you can also try IBM’s free portable model viewer:

It only accepts VRML, but has an easy converter. Honestly, in a lot of ways I prefer it to Blender Pocket, as it is designed for use on a portable device and for that reason, it’s much easier to use. The only catch is that not every model always comes through perfectly…

Hope it helps, any Q’s, send me a message…

K, ty.
but why do they make it (cx03) and stuff?? whats the point?

and is there a version op pciketblender with python. mine doesnt have. aaand, mine wont render?