Blender on new iMac with Nvidia GT 640M

Dear All,

Blender is not able to detect the Nvidia GT 640M and thus am not getting the GPU rendering.

Please help


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640M on an iMac? Aren’t iMacs desktops? aren’t you talking about a macbook or something like that?

Maybe you should update the drivers, check if it is recognized, I don’t know a lot abut this subject, but drivers might be your problem.

Am talking of new iMac. By the way I figured out it was because of missing CUDA driver and toolkit. And also gcc.

I installed all of it so now I see GPU Compute but then when I start the realtime render in viewport, I get this error

CUDA error: Launch failed in cuCtxSynchronize()

iMacs are desktops in appearance only. All of the parts inside them are laptop parts. Yet people keep buying them and complaining when they don’t work well with Blender.

Jonothewright: Wish you could speak about something helpful.

Initially, I didn’t have CUDA driver installed. I installed CUDA 5.0 but then Blender was crashing I resolved the issue all by myself. I had installed CUDA 5.0, which was not supported by Blender 2.65a on Blender site. I download more recent build and everything worked

I was replying about something helpful. What I wrote was both entirely true and directed at bernardosgr who asked if you meant the iMac was actually a laptop based on the mobile processor. I should have included a quote from his post.

So…Can anyone help me?
I’m using an iMac with ATI Radeon as graphic card wich isn’t recognized from Blender.
As far as I know, Neither CUDA, nor possibility to use Cycles Render speedly. Only CPU.
At system tab into “User preferences” it replay “None” for graphic device…
Must I shift to a PC?
Currently, I can use Blender Render, but in the next…
Please: somebody can explain (step by step, please) What can I do?
Thanks and Have a happy new year

ATI/AMD support is currently on hold for Cycles. It will remain so until AMD can fix their OpenCL compiler.

I too have that same configuration. My suggestion is to put 16 gig of ram into your imac, then start saving money fir a different computer. I am looking at the new macbook pro fully loaded. This gives me the NVIDA card I need for (useful) cycles.

My imac will then become a very expensive second monitor…

Can you point me to the link where you downloaded the more recent build? I can’t seem to find it.