Blender on OSX / first post!

(sushiking) #1

Hey! My first post!

Anyone know where to get Blender for OSX? I haven’t used Blender in a number of months, but I’d like to pick it up again (now that I’m working w/ a stable computer ;))

It’s a shame to see Blender going under :frowning: If anyone remembers me, I was log0n from the old #blender (efnet), went to Siggraph 2k and met a ton (Ton, literally) of cool people.


(macke) #2

log0n ye old geezer! ;oP

How ya doing nowadays?

(sushiking) #3

Hey Macke!

Workin… schoolin… job searching (like everyone ;)) - keeping myself busy.

I just bought a dual 1ghz Powermac (1.5GB ram, Gf4TI, 23" Cinema Display, the works :D). I seem to remember Blender was being ported to OSX (I remember all the single mouse button issues from the CJs hehe), so I thought I’d grab a copy. One thing lead to another (google searches, etc), and I wound up here.

Nice seeing the blender spirit living on!

(macke) #4

Hehe =)

Nice seeing ya again. About the release, I’ve looked, but can’t find it. I got a version of 2.25 publisher for mac. But I think the file is corrupt =/

(youngbatcat) #5

I have it I have it !!!
But I want Publisher. And don’t yell at me but I can’t even find it
on Limewire or any of those share apps. I want it bady. I was going to get a bunch of copies for my Internet company right when Nan went down.

Any how heres the link for OSX
go down the site.

I my self hope to get blender open source, or some way.

(sushiking) #6

sweet thanks!

as far as Blender being opensourced, the queuemangerer/renderer thing was opensourced, right?

(youngbatcat) #7

not enough , I realy real real real real realy realy, want Publisher.
The game engine is what I realy loved. And so far there is no equivalent for apple X.
So I realy want publisher, can you help? Just kidding don’t want to get
you or me in trouble.


(VelikM) #8

Blender 2.23 on OS X was kind of buggy with really poor rendering, Publisher 2.25 is still beta but works really well. I seem to remember some talk about releasing Creator 2.25 (because it was still in beta and no release versions existed) for OS X, but it was never done.

(acasto) #9

I can’t believe anybody would talk openly about wanting to pirate publisher here :o

That’s what will get things locked

(sushiking) #10

maybe I’m confused… Blender is/was free (at least it used to be the last time I used it - 1.80/Siggraph version)… I wasn’t looking for a pirated version, just the the original free version.

(acasto) #11

Sorry if it sounded like I meant you, I know you’r just looking for creator :wink:

I was talking about youngbatcat’s posts above