Blender on strike

I’ve been using Blender for some time now, puting a 3D model into different positions, adding light and making a render of the scene. Recently it has shut down a few times when I was trying to save some renders, but I thought that was my fault (due to some unfortunate naming). But a while ago I tryied to make a render and Bleder shut itself… and won’t open again!!! :eek: There’s only an error message and no way to find out what’s wrong :frowning: Any idea what’s happening? (I would reinstall it, but I’m afraid this is going to happen again so… any suggestions?)
Thanks a lot!

PS: I changed the color of the “world” (only to white), which I heard might cause problems… but why didn’t that cause the error right away? :confused:

I forgot! I’m using Blender 2.40 on Windows XP (the last thing is not my choice!) :wink:

what graphics card do you have?

Hi. I had a similar problem. In my case the solution was to delete the .Blog-file in the .blender-folder. Don’t know why, but it helped. Perhaps it can help you too?

stulliDPB, you’re a genius!!! :smiley: Thank you so much!! (Thank you, too z3r0 d!) It’s working again =D
I wonder why it’s solved the problem… :rolleyes: but I’m extremely happy that is has done so! =D Hope troubles won’t show up every time I make a render. Did it happen again to you?

Well I’m glad it helped! I think it has to do with too many folders in your blend-file-paths. I had the problem because I had too many sub-folders. Today I have an extra partition just for blender, and never had this problem again. The .Blog-file stores the history of your folders, which is quite useful while navigating (save, open, save over, go to folder x and so on). To get this file again, create a new folder, install blender in there, and copy the .Blog-file in your native blender folder.