Blender on the Mac

What is the best set up for Blender on a Mac? I have a 24" iMac with 256 GRAM / 1GB RAM / Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse / 10.5.2 Leopard.

The problem I am having is that when I use ether the wired mighty mouse or the bluetooth mouse. I set the middle button to Button 3 then I set the right button to button 2. When I run blender the right mouse button still have left button functionality ie it moves the 3d curser.

So I decided to use the standard pc mouse that I have with my pc. I have the same problem with the right button and I can not change the functionality of the middle button away for bring up the Dashbord.

Would love so help on this as it has been drive me nuts.



Very odd, I’ve never had any problems setting the mouse buttons with the mighty mouse. I however use a usb logitech wireless mouse, which has 10 buttons. I use the steermouse drivers for it and can setup it’s configurations differently for each application. Whats great is I have two buttons on the side dedicated to rotating and panning the viewport, and then I use the scrollwheel to zoom, so I never have to hold any button combos to control the view, it’s wonderful!

Thanks for the reply QuixoticSmile. I checked out Steermouse, I looks fantastic. i was looking for a way to set up different mouse functions for different apps. Which Logitech mouse do you have as there are quite a few models?



I must say, like the mighty mouse for blending. The 360 scroll is really nice for navigating around. And the general shape feels nice in the hand. A shame you can’t configure it differently… you should be able to though, somehow…

Well, besides troubleshooting your mouse software, have you troubleshooted Blender? You have a User Preferences bar at the top, (as shown below)

If you click the bottom of it and drag it down enough, you will see User Preferences.

Around this area- change the settings to these (default Blender 2.46 settings)

Hope this helped!

I have a logitech revolution VX, it’s wonderful, only problem is, I have a really difficult problem now using any other mouse.

Thanks for all the reply’s. I will have a go at changing the setting in Blender. I looked a the VX mouse, it look’s perfect but the problem is that I am left-handed. I love the fact that it has ten buttons. Maybe I could use it. I am going to get the Steermouse software.


It’s in the mac settings. I just disable dashboard alltogether!