Blender on the MacBook Pro w/ Lion?

Hi. How are people using Blender in Mac these days? It seems that the Mac version that Blender provides doesn’t ship with a way to click-on objects and select them. Anyone have any tips? I went into Blender User Preferences, but wasn’t sure of what would make a good choice.

Blender has right-click select by default, 2 finger tap perhaps? You can change this in prefs to left click select also. Behoove you to get a proper mouse and numpad tho.

Blender’s Defaults aren’t very one-button-mouse-friendly.

The good news is that with some patience you can change all those keybinds.

I had a setup that was tailored to a trackpad a long while ago (though probably full of too many of my lightwave holdover quirks to be of any use to anyone else). Lately I’ve been using a Tablet instead.

Those work fine for me on MBP with Lion without mouse

Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Let me try to find a less-dense way of asking the question.

I started playing with blender on a MacBook and was surprised just how much I was able to do with my fingers. Instinctively, pressing the lower left button of its track pad, responded just like the left button of a 3-button mouse. The “right button” wasn’t recognized by Blender.

I tried setting up special hotkeys under user preferences. I was disappointed however that Blender didn’t seem to recognize the “right mouse button” of the MacBook Pro.

Now if the Mac does NOT give a different codes for left and right mouse pad (meaning, a different signal to the software for depressing the lower left versus lower right corners of its track pad), then my question is moot.

If it does, then Blender would really advance if it could allow one to configure (or really, it ought to ship with controls set up this way for) the right mouse button.

I have a mbp with Lion. There is only one button. It does not matter what ‘side’ you hit, it’s still just one button.
The RMB click is done with two fingers, and also does not matter where on the trackpad you push.
Do you have some special app or setting to recognize the sides of the trackpad as individual buttons?
Otherwise, the macbook will only activate the RMB click when you use two fingers. (this is recognized by Blender)
If you have an older model that has two buttons below the trackpad, see if a context menu appears when you right click on the desktop. maybe the button is dying.