Blender on The Screensavers TV program

Hi Everyone,

I was watching The Screensavers TV program on G4techtv, (Monday 07-26-04 @4:00P.M. PT) and to my surprise, Blender was the download of the day. They did a pretty good job of promoting it and showed various things it could do. Some galleries and animations from were also shown. Overall a pretty good plug for Blender. If you want to see the program, it will repeat on Tuesday 07-27-04 @9:00A.M. PT, at least it does in my area.


that said, I try to avoid tv now, but I may try and watch this [if it is aired again tonight, like at 7 or something].

/me tells TiVo to record TSS

Maybe they’ll show my pic in the gallery!!!

yeah ditto send me it afterwards.

wanna see if mine was shown.

if you can tv capture it for me i would love it sooo much, you see TechTV got canceled in our country so we don’t get it any more.


that sucks

well, I can’t tape it because it is a digital channel

and I start work at 8am :frowning:

actually, I don’t feel I am missing much

I’m off of work, I’d get it for you but we can’t record our satellite channels. The best I could do would be to aim a video camera at the TV. If I get up early enough, I’ll do it.

Don’t bet on it though, I’m not a morning person.

Check a *zaa-like network in a few days, apparently according to atleast one of the hosts the shows are up for download quite often.

If I can grab record it I will, but the last time we tried it sucked badly.

I can try again if I get time though, if my stuff is on there.

yeah might give DC++ a go or somthing

perhaps bit torrent has a copy :wink:


It seems that last night’s show, and this morning’s show are the same, and they are not the blender episode.

So if you find on *zaa let me know!


I didn’t wake up in time. I looked on the Gnutella network just now and couldn’t find it… what kind of search terms do you think would pull it up?

:o :o :o :o

It was on there…their site is really screwy.

The segmant I suspect was taped in may, since the website contains gallery items from may only. However my freedom (highway overpasses) image was on there though, so I still got on the TV. Maybe after we move I’ll grab the recording off tivo, that is if you guys can’t find it on a *zaa network.

:o :o :o :o

So I was lucky enough to record the right show.

It was a five minutes long, extremely enthousiastic and somewhat incompetent “download of the day” by Sarah. I don’t know what good it will do but it can’t hurt.

As for the pics being seen : Andy and his Snog, Endi and the Gate, “just a girl” by Zoltan Miklosi were the most noticeable in the May page of the gallery they showed ; over all, the animated mike of Lyubomir Kovachev won Sarah’s heart…


if someone can get a copy online… i’m not sure I’ll find it now.
also… this is what i got from there web site:

The Screen Savers (7/21/2004) - Cool Blends
The screen savers talk to the folks at, the first and only 3D graphics suite that can manage a project from the drawing board to the finish line.

That’s all…

yeah pretty pathetic


Heh. Cool.

Well, if it directs people this way, then I wouldn’t complain too much. I saw it, and they did give it a pretty good endorsement, if not quite the info you’d want. It’s better than nothing, y’know…