Blender on windows 2000

I was trying to install Blender recently on a 2k machine but I had to dowload the microsoft distribution thingy.
after seeing that the package was 50MB and on dialup that is a joke… I reread the error message.
It was asking for “msvcr71.dll” so i stole it off my xp computer and put it in the blender folder…:smiley:
guess what… it works…
I think that Blender might want to say that is all that you need, (that I am aware of…) instead of the whole 50MB dowload.
I hope this helps some poor guy running 2k on dialup. (like me)

But we don’t know if that is all that you need? There could have been other DLL files on your 2K system that were already there and are needed, but another user might not have.