Blender online coach

Thanks to al who responded. I will be in touch.
I need to get up to speed in a few Blender basics. I’ve looked at lots of tutorials but now I’m looking for someone to do one on one coaching with me via GoToMeeting or Zoom. I will pay gladly if you are sufficiently experienced. Paypal is one option.

I will reach out to you on an ongoing basis, but for starters, I want to:
a) import premade scenes
b) import and modify (especially wardrobe) premade charactersPreformatted text
c) pose my character(s) in scenes
d) render output as single images (not videos)
This seems fairly simple, right? But, I need thorough, not rushed, instruction, where I can ask questions.
Email me at [email protected]

Mail sent
Please check
Connect me via skype:cis.am4

hay check me
[email protected]