Blender Online Movie Projects management (work in progress)

Hi all,
i’m developing an online collaborative project management for those who want to make movies. Essentially it’s a online/multiuser clone of the famous Celtx, modified for animation 2d/3d films.
Actually is hosted by a friend/collaborator at this url:

I need someone to test it and/or tell me addings/modifies to make the program complete for what you need in animation film making (essentially when projects need a workgroup collaboration).

a little intro and notes:

  • the system runs perfectly only in mozilla firefox (on other browsers it has some css/js incompatibility)

  • some parts of thee program is to be completed (so it is partially functional) waiting for some feedback

  • after login or registration (no confirmation mail required for now: direct registration) you’ll see the main interface (in picture) with on the left the projects panel subdivided into 4 sections: projects you already collaborate, projects with other staff, projects waiting for a staff and completed projects.

  • U can propose your projects (creating one: it will be started in “wait for staff” state) and populating it with contents

  • U can candidate yourself to a collaboration into projects started or in waiting projects using the button in project status tab (open it clicking on the project name)

  • proposing a projects U automatically became its project leader. Leaders can do anything in their projects, also accepts candidatures, assign permissions, etc.

  • depending of what U can do on the project (your permissions), any of the contains a series of subsections.
    (documents, production assets and rendering tokens are actually under development/testing)

  • PROJECT STATUS: status and info about the project (site, annotations, users collaborating, etc).

-WORKFLOW: Gantt diagram with nested tasks, dependencies, milestones, etc.

  • CONCEPTS: auto-grouping concept collector, it groups uploaded concept for the related entity, create on-the-fly thumbnail and collect info about the entity (description, function, goals to reach, plan to achieve goals, background) to better create characters and location sheets.

  • STORYBOARDS: auto-grouping storyboard container with 4 view layout (thumbs, list, grid and slideshow, it group in scene and autosort boards. contains action, dialogs and description notes.

  • REFERENCES: pseudo file manager to manage files (here references & medias, but the same will be used to manage production assets). downloading files (also with multiselection) will generate a compressed unique file and dowload it. uploading files u can’t overwrite anithing: all uploaded files are stored in a temporary location, waiting for leaders approvation. also any file can be versioned.

that’s all (folks :P) for now.
i’ll wait for your feedback (any is appreciated)… let’s make this software a complete groupware authoring system.

PS. this is all under GPL license and work also in local networks with only Apache+PHP. no databases or external software needed.

tnx all, Andrea.

This seems pretty sweet! Would you mind posting the source code? I’d love to see how you made such awesomeness. No database needed! That’s cool. Anyway, cheers!

after work is finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks really cool!

Hi Andrea,

I’m a long time PHP dev too, just wanted to say your app looks awesome :slight_smile:


i have similar ideas about a platform for my project. i’ll have a deeper look into your stuff soon!

@atti take a look to, the developers of js widgets i used (also shipped in gpl)

i need feedback about functionality, conceptual working etc.

Hey, I wonder if my project might be a good test for it. Check out this thread:

Although I’m pretty much past the storyboarding phase. How would users preview temp animations and renders?

This seems like a nice thing. Though… i’ve heard there is some other project of similar design going on. Cant say much more about it though. (because i dont know, just remember hearing about it)

i know… there is (for example) Helga, but it is written mostly in C++ and hard to configure and install… and it appears frozen now.

this project management is developed in JS+php, anyone can modify the code, works(!), and can run on any platform with a simple html+php web server.

just try, if u have any exigence not covered by the program or u think something must work in a different way just contact me (this post is here for this reason: finding people needs about a PMS)

anyone want to collaborate to the development can PM me.

new testing host at just register (no real mail needed for now) and play with it… let me now your suggestions

Seems really interesting but I’m testing a bit and I’m not certain what to do with it. Definitely needs a good tutorial to begin with.
I also have to say that it takes an eternity to load “Loading content Please wait” …
Thanks for sharing and for your efforts.

it appears it wouldn’t let me use a space in the title when creating a new project.

There is a big help button on the upper right of the screen.
The slowness is because it doesn’t rely on a database. So, it’s a tradeoff, I guess. When the application gets more mature, I’m sure there will be more consideration for caching and other performance improvements. The old 80% | 20% rule.

Definitely needs a good tutorial to begin with.

yes… i’m working on it… there was a little tutorial at the begin of this thread, but recently seems to be wiped all the images…

no spaces allowed in title

ok, it’s a mistake… it’s a check for illegal characters (like in filenames) i’ll adjust it…

Loading content Please wait

1- it’s slow because of the free host…
2- redundant code, debug info, etc. slow it more
3- no caching is active (forced no cache)… also for easy debug…

just a note: this application doesn’t use databases because, so it can be hosted in free server with no DB services…

Just to be clear. Your application is very cool. I’ll be keeping an eye on it for sure. Keep us posted.

project name validation fixed and working on the documentation PS. the program miss document section, production and render tokens… i’m working on browser compatibility before to complete them.

this is really great, thanks a bunch aperrone