Blender only features?

Wich features has blender what the great commercial packages didn’t have, or are hard to perform without blender?

Well, I have a pain in my leg due to sitting on a much fatter wallet after not having to spend a ton to buy a bloated commercial product. Does that count as a feature?

Fluid Simulation :slight_smile:

Maya has that. And you can easily get it for other programs, too.

How about a built-in game engine and sequence editor? Most people have to end up exporting to a 3rd party game engine or use something like Shake for editing. Cross-Platform support is another plus. Maya is supported for Linux as well, but I’m not aware of a 3D app that supports as many OS platforms and computer architectures as Blender.

nothing except the price tag.

also i don’t know any other 3d softwares with a sequencer… but then again i haven’t looked that hard.


  • Reading from files saved with future versions
  • Live uv transform
  • Magic texture?

What about dupliverts?

-q shortcut (as well as others :wink: )
-perhaps some ways of selecting verts\edges\faces?
-not all packages have node compositing\material system
-python as scripting language

Of course with plugins, commercial software can have everything Blender has. As far as I know, with the next release/ current cvs, Blender has one very cool feature that isn’t built into any commercial packages:

  • Verse integration!



Unique features (Some echoing previous posts, some just echoing):

  • Game Engine
  • Node based compositor
  • Verse integration
  • Sculpt
  • Python Scripting
  • Great price
  • and a great community

For the rest there’s Maya or Lightwave or a new release of Blender of cource :slight_smile:

Verse isnt finished so thats hardly a feature

Nodes, scultping, scripting all exist in other sw
Integrated Game engine is unique I guess, although you can get all kindsa solutions for other sw, not sure about mouse gestures

price is unique :stuck_out_tongue:

-Open Source Software
-Nightly Builds
-More Frequent Updates/Upgrades
-Instant Game Engine Testing

-lscm was first introduced in blender i think, and i also think the workflow with unwrapping in blender is superior.
-many modelling features, e.g. click extrude
-export/import scripts, no other software supports that many formats in the distribution
-e.g. obj import and export is much better than in other softwares

Don’t forget that you can take a look at Blender’s source, something you can’t do with any commercial application.
For programmers, that’s a very usefull thing.

-Very Fast Installation and Execution
-Very Fast User Interface (non Blocking)
-Very fast development
-Great Blend files and Examples (Rigged Characters) you can find Here and in other Sites insite the Blender Community and Help!
-(Amazing Community)
-Daily Updated CVS Builds
-Integrated Fluid Simulation,Game Engine (Bullet Physics),Sequencer,Nodes Compositor,
-Crystal2Blend (CrystalSpace and Ogre ) GE Plug Ins and Builds in Development
-3D Web Plug In
-Save Runtime and Dynamic Runtime
-Compress Files
-Pack- Unpack
-Append and (Link- Library)
-Dump Sceen- Subwindow
-Blender Pocket
-Open for Features Requests and Development Discussion (everyone can have a Idea-Feature Request-Opinion)

Load up time - 1 sec. BEAT THAT MAX, MAYA, XSI, C4D etc etc.

Blender dosn’t really have anything that other tools don’t have in some form or another, but sometimes Blender’s way is ‘better’. For instance I feel the retopo tool is for the most part superior to silo’s topo brush + snapping manipulator combo.

Modo has that, although I think Blender did it first? Not sure.

This is still one of the few areas where blender is trouncing the competition though, well done :wink:

XSI, Houdini, ect.

Maya, Hexagon, Silo 2.0…

XSI, Houdini, Motionbuilder, Animation Master, Truespace, Poser…

Animation Master, 3Dsmax, others…
Blender’s is not maintained last time I checked.

Just about every serious 3d suite has these sorts of features.

I’m almost certain I have seen this somewhere else, perhaps in Hexagon. Regardless Hexagon gives much nicer control over extrusions anyways…

But 3dsmax has the utah teapot… :wink:

Every other package on the face of the planet (practically) has assignable hotkeys, so this dosn’t count :wink:

Aside from Blenders multiselect mode, not really (and even that is very problematic.)

Most apps have something like this. For instance in C4D it would be the array modifier…


IMHO this is the wrong question, the right one would be:
Which commercial application has all the features blender has?
And the answer would be: none.
(And it’s still none if you remove game engine and don’t count
in Blender being open source).