Blender Open Documentation Project


I just wanted to tell everyone about my project.

I am working on an “open source”, free Blender Manual.
It is going to cover absolutely every single button in Blender, plus it is going to give some help on general 3D and photo-realism.

The URL were it is, is

I also wanted to say how much help I need. This is a huge project, and I can’t do it all on my own, so, if there is anyone out there that knows Blender, Python, or anything that can even help, I would really appreciate any and all help I can get.
Even if you just want to recommend a topic.

What I want to do is make it free as an online version, and also sell printed copies, and donate all profits to the Blender Foundation.



Derek Mounce
[email protected]


i think u should charge for it and put all proceds toward the blender fund


Do you mean charge for even the online version?
And, want to help? :wink:

Thanks for your interest.

Derek Mounce
[email protected]


sounds a bit like my Blendex program…

(FAR from done…but you get the idea)

Hello!!! :smiley:

As I said in the other post, I will help you with what I can… :wink:

I have the game blender section covered :wink:
I am working on some beginner documentation so far.