Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

(BluePrintRandom) #1

Here is my plan for Wrectified in greater detail.

Blender Version - UPBGE + BP Player

  • Splash 1 (Unknown Forces)
  • Splash 2 (Made with Blender)
  • Splash 3 (Blender Game engine)
  • Splash 4 +Transition to (Main Menu)

Start New Game
Load Game
End Game

  • Start New Game
  1. Randomly generate huge terrain using seed (one seed we all choose*)
  2. Randomly generate roads using a seed
  3. Randomly assign lots for buildings
  4. Randomly place foliage using a seed/random
  5. We place building generator instances in lots by hand
  6. After generating the world, we edit it and pickle a change list. this list is then applied to client copies after the world is generated. (puzzles/ gates / game items / enemies and story)

Terrain = 10ux10u tiles made of 10X10 vertex - Splat Mapped
Roads = a small kit is used to generate roads made of instances of geometry and a texture atlas
Buildings = Exterior kit + interior kit made of instances of geometry and a texture atlas
Foliage = Using stuff found on forums that is Creative Commons

Enemies = Made from modular robotics pieces
Vehicles = Made from modular robotics pieces
Puzzles = Made from modular robotics pieces

Characters = Stylized / Semi Chibi / physics armatures actors with control proxie

Weapons = usable by vehicles, players, and enemy units - Small / Medium /Large
-Weapon code is totally self contained in weapon and in projectiles.

So Far

  • I have systems to assemble friendly and hostile units
  • I have a level editor
  • I am making a terrain editor
  • I have a random dungeon interior generator
  • I have control logic for enemy units and friendly units and robotics and vehicles
  • I have a really nice inventory system that is per player
  • I have Physics LOD and Lamp LOD system that can also be used to identify objects to be loaded in and out
  • I have a rough story and ideas for characters.
  • I have a system for mouse and keyboard and joystick control proxies
  • I have a system to handle camera actions
  • I have the control logic for 20 or so weapons
  • Some of these tests are working files and some are in ‘Meat space’ aka my brain derived from insights from previous tests.

Tips of Hat? Waves of Fingers?

Join? Destroy? Assimilate?

Resistance is Futile.


Updated video - functionality now expanded via non branching using functions called by dictionaries.

(BluePrintRandom) #2

I need every ones ideas for effector components

they all need - the 5 face control Terminal link side, fit in a 2x2x2 cube accept in special circumstances,

So far I have


  • can send and recieve on a definied channel

- applies torque or a angle and max torque

Linear Motor
- applies force or a distance from center offset

- shoots power or data

- stores power from light - rechargeable

- creates power from extreme heat or cold

Thermite Cell - Temporary battery that produces insane amounts of power, for a limited time


  • Makes insane amounts of power forever

Legs quad robot
(Walks to a point in local cords or global) or goes forward/backward turn left turn right
Legs Tank ->same as above
Legs bi-ped ->same as above

Wheel -
wheel potentially scalable

Component Cores
These pass properties along through a system, and have terminals that can be re assigned a new target terminal
Vehicle cockpit
many more

I need
Help coding
Filling in story details
Making concept characters
Help tinkering with the walk system I made - Torque based walk cycle
Help finishing Component Cube Code
Help Sketching based on design documents we make here
Help Designing architectural components that add up to whole buildings, based on small chunks with LOD settings

Any help you can give!! I need ideas for components that make sense, and we will all try and work out how each piece should work/be interacted with

Lets make a world


ProtoWrectifiedBlocks.blend (4.19 MB)

(3d solar system builder) #3’s your turret.

(isyedcg) #4

I Can Model possibly anything at the shortest time possible,Good at texturing but it takes a lot of time and Animation too needs more time ! any .blend you have please share it ! also any concept art !

(BluePrintRandom) #5

Here is the Lifting / movement system

and a turret prototype


TheRet.blend (455 KB)WRectification.blend (779 KB)

(BluePrintRandom) #6

Here is a level building test,
and a door/ moving parts test


MapAlpha.blend (1010 KB)SceneDoorAlpha.blend (902 KB)

(BluePrintRandom) #7

this needs love

it is a core component I am missing


CubicDebug.blend (640 KB)

(3d solar system builder) #8

Well did you look at mine.Yours looks better though.

(BluePrintRandom) #9

Here is a more current version but still not complete

this is where I need python help :slight_smile:


CubicComponetDebugXPt.blend (619 KB)

(BluePrintRandom) #10

Yes it is a good start :slight_smile:
3dsolar can you go gather open source free textures ? rusty metal? shiny metal? stuff with Ao?

Can you texture?
Can you learn, I am not the best :slight_smile:

(3d solar system builder) #11

I can texture and i can learn.

(BluePrintRandom) #12

Start with learning normal mapping and AO bake downs :slight_smile:

That was my next step,

Do you know about Uv unwrapping ?

(3d solar system builder) #13

I know a little bit.You know of any free texture sites i can use?I use the texture paint layers manager for texturing.

(Quandtum) #14

Assuming you want to stay compatible with Creative Commons (CC) the following sites are good:

(isyedcg) #15
two good sites to find free textures !

(Quandtum) #16

Be advised, CGTextures is not compatible with open licenses (i.e. open game).

(BluePrintRandom) #17

Can you check out the .blends?

(isyedcg) #18

@Blueprint : loved your work ! may you tell us the genre of this game ?

(BluePrintRandom) #19

It’s a mix of many things…

You destroy enemy robots, take there pieces and solve puzzles,

1.It will play some what like Metroid in that unlocking certain items makes places accessible that were not in previous maps,
2.It will play like portal in that solving complex puzzles will be required but they will be based on real science
3.It will play like minecraft since all of the pieces of the enemies and puzzles can be assembled in many differing parts/components

(isyedcg) #20

its A Strategy top down game ?
ok…i have seen your model…can i texture them …and would also like to add some_more details !