Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

(Nicholas_A) #3621

So im finally getting close to finishing my generator but whats annoying is that it takes like 0.2 seconds to create a new instance of a mesh. That is kind of bothersome when trying to load in tiles in real time when the player moves. Maybe my memory is just slow. How do you add in tiles without there being a noticable lag?

(BluePrintRandom) #3622

Each tile is 10x10 vertex

How big is your editing kdtree?

Are you rebuilding every time you load a tile?

The optimisation I have done, is to rebuild a small kdtree based on the mouse focus or a range from the actor

Big kdtree = used to decide what tiles to load

Small kdtree = used to edit mesh

(Nicholas_A) #3623

I think my tile is 10x10 vertex. (I’m mobile so i can’t check)

i’m not using kdtree

what do you mean exactly? Each time i load a tile, i create a new mesh, displace it, recalculate normals, physics.

i can recalculate normals and physics as well as displacement virtually instantly. Its just the libnew that is slow.

(BluePrintRandom) #3624

Concepts for Socrates

(BluePrintRandom) #3625

Ok, I think I am going to shoot for a low poly, mix of BLAME! and GASOLINE MASK COCOLORS for art style,
cell shaded, Stylized Anime, Chibi. but with AKIRA style Neon contrast elements.

I am also thinking, global warming has caused a perpetual storm, and a weekly hurricane (it never goes away) just goes all the way around earth.

(BluePrintRandom) #3626

Box cover art test


Cool your project but what do you mean really at it ?

(BluePrintRandom) #3628

Not just a game,

a system to make modular games.

(Fred/K.S) #3629

Sounds Amazing id like to oneday open up an open game project n i was thinking maybe Wrectified will help.


(BluePrintRandom) #3630

Manic Mack is pretty much ready for just a few tasks, (and my schedule just opened up).

once it releases the code is pretty much open source by default, so my systems will be released at the same time.

[Controller system] ->[Creates lists of moves and actions] -> send lists to agents

[agent] -> if not acting proccess input

[agent] -> if acting -> ActStrip = [ [‘actionKey’:[dataForAction]], [‘actionKey2’:[dataForAction2]],[‘actionKey3’:[dataForAction3]] ]
[a hashtable of states is used(dictionary) to call the function and pipe the data from the list into that function.

Command = own[‘ActStrip’][0][0]

this allows flexibility and speed.

agents use modular game objects like weapons, puzzle elements, and consumables by triggering code contained inside the object.
this allows these items to be shared between projects, and use the common trigger.
if equiped[‘fire’]==0 and trigger is true:

if fire!=0---------run script(script sets fire to zero when ready to fire again and uses ammo etc)

so agents, and vehicles can trigger game objects code that are parented to equipment jacks

All systems are working, next up is proving it with money.

(BluePrintRandom) #3631

New design for Exo and for friendly/ enemy robots :smiley:

‘unified robot system 4’

<span data-offset-key=“fd3a5-0-0” style=“font-family: inherit;”>

(BluePrintRandom) #3632

ok - baked normals for Strut and for 2 axis motor - 1 set of pieces remain on then onto rigging.


(Fred/K.S) #3633

Are we allowed to submit Game ideas here as well maybe we could work as a team towards the Next blender Game perhaps we use UPBGE for.


(BluePrintRandom) #3634

This is a planning/working thread for wrectified, which is a game about teaching coding, science and physics with lasers, robots and explosions.

systems and features of interest

  1. assembly and destruction of robotics in game.

  2. agent proxy, vehicle proxy, and tool proxy.
    [ controller object pipes controls to actor]
    [ agent contains list based tasker that calls functions that are states]
    [weapons / tools etc can be used by any agent]
    [agents don’t care who is giving them orders, high or low level]
    ai, player 1, player 2 etc and even storyline system can control agents.

  3. World will be open, persistent and streamed

  4. game will be built in a map editor similar to fallout 4 settlement editor

(Fred/K.S) #3635

Sounds awesome so basically lets say that if i need help with multiplayer i can use this thread maybe ask questions and try and ask for help in designing my very own Multiplayer script?

Its a really nice open project and i see you guys are also helping in improving UPBGE alot great work guys thats amazing im really impressed.

ai, player 1, player 2 etc and even storyline system can control agents.

  1. World will be open, persistent and streamed
  1. game will be built in a map editor similar to fallout 4 settlement editor

I see you mention there the world will be open and persistent i really need some help with the source code particularly in optimizing an open world Game. Especially with a Multiplayer online feature.


(BluePrintRandom) #3636

you need a sever that holds the tile data, and allows agents to change it,

checkout simple multiplayer stuff first and then work to MMO like features
my own multiplayer is still not even designed yet except local xbox controllers etc.

(BluePrintRandom) #3637

Now I can generate pretty decent topography that looks like it may also be man edited.

next is texturing and tiling in a manner that prevents uv stretching,

(the color here is just for debug)

(JustinBarrett) #3638

tri planar mapping?

(BluePrintRandom) #3639

Nope -

  1. generate grid and KDTree (2d) z=0
  2. apply Sine waves of diff frequency
  3. apply perlin noise
  4. use perlin worm to flatten paths
  5. use kdtree / radius to color and smooth areas adjacent to paths

(BluePrintRandom) #3640

found a few bugs

1 -> perlin worm was checking seems 2x or 4x causing artifacts

2 -> fixing this made another bug (only 1 vertex of 2 or 4 was colored)

fixing both produced this image :smiley:

No splat map yet, this is just tinkering with vertex color