Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

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ok streaming here, I mark tiles as free outside a range, and move them ahead of the player in a ‘loading bubble’ (been thinking about this one a looong time) .

then I loop through and calc normals of all faces (should probably just do ‘new’ faces and using a dictionary of
(all overlaps) - (vertex.XYZ.freeze()):[vertex1,vertex2 etc]) to smooth normals (so there is room for improvement here)

I can also probably pre calculate the data and store it to a dictionary and make this about 4x faster

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tiles without normal calc or normals smoothing with 4x more vertex
(should be about comparable to loading the normals data from a dictionary)

(BluePrintRandom) #3644

used new strategy -> calculate normals only for faces that changed recently -> smooth normals across faces only that share a edge with a face that changed.

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I would like to see more of that.

(BluePrintRandom) #3646

The canvas is complete,

now for the happy little trees and buildings.

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I know it is not that type of videogame.It looks like to me an enemy could pop out of the ground.

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the next step is to identify ‘gates’ in the topology and place dungeons or puzzles there or locks that need keys,

I want to make the world progressively harder as you move away from a central area, and advancing outside these areas requires you find items or become strong enough.

in the world map, I am thinking if combat is triggered it goes into a local map like final fantasy,

this world is fairly low res in the ‘world mode’ in dungeon mode it will be much more detailed but not infinite.

(think Final Fantasy 3(Us)/5(jap) )

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How will you prevent the player and vehicle from falling off the sides of the world.

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there is no sides of the world it’s infinite,

(Lostscience) #3651

oh The dungeon is not infinite.

(BluePrintRandom) #3652

the dungeon edges in random enounters will make the player escape

the dungeon edges in towns etc will lead to world map or be obstructed by kit objects or terrain

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I would like to see the dungeon.

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F_ing Eureka!

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I know that ain’t no dungeon.dungeons usually have white walls I think.

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some dungons have no walls.

however no dungeon was featured here, Currently I was pushing the envelope.

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ok I used a perlin worm + math to create waves of interference that make valleys, roads, and passes and lots where building can occupy :smiley:

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I want to see some buildings.

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Lost science, Please for the love of god go make your own game or make art and stay off this thread.

I have been making small magic each day, and I will keep doing whatever I feel
is right.

I have a plan and you are not my director.

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I was just trying to add some life to the thread.