Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

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Great project! Wish you luck! :yes:

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Thanks! trying to keep focused on finishing :smiley:

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ok the property editor working in tandum with the collision based tutorial dialog spawner are working,
also it’s nice to be able to pause main and the overlays keep running, may have to do that for dialog :smiley:

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Lessons learned with project Blaster Kid
if I use a empty parented to a ‘core’ as a shoulder joint, I can aim the arm with animation + rotating the joint, it feels pretty natural to me.

I intend to get the zoom around equations working better
and then ‘gut’ the sensor system and replace with a wrectified agent control state machine, and pop the existing code / equations into functions called by the state machine.

after this is working nice a shiny, I intend on either remaking the world canvas system from scratch, or just popping the agent in, and trying to clean up the code a bit.

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Personal life/work has been getting in the way lately, have done some minor updates
(3d sound on projectiles) but nothing major.

going to get a full kit of world building pieces all using a atlas,
get gameplay working nice and then migrate to world canvas.

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added ability to reload (no anim yet)

added player health as number, animated health bar to come later.

the ui code is rewritten from scratch.

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procedural weapon animation system in and also weapon ui color changes while reloading

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busy today so only had time to make this simple blaster, and fix some scoring bugs.

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Ok, so using nodes, and materials, I have a really nice method to ensure only sections of a model bloom later :smiley:

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ok, new crate model made and a few minor bugs killed,

next up is a CCD manager that adds objects to a list if their velocity.magnitude is greater than half their bound radius, so they dont ‘quantum tunnel’ like in the video

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Couldn’t sleep last night so I hopped on the pc for a bit and started on a map building kit.

some minor edits to bad geometry and cycles scratch map

and the nodes

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Atlas_Start_VertexColorBloom_and_Object_color.blend (7.73 MB)

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Now I can bloom individual objects any color almost, and individual vertex :smiley:

A. Meshes vertex be unique if they are to have vertex edited in game
B. Forward+ lamp cuts may be needed to facilitate enough point lamps to properly use these FX.

here I add logic to a game object to bloom,

in game I can just have a dictionary or a list that runs all objects in a radius of the player later

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__________________________________________________ __________
and now with much cooler pew pew

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msi intel 4.ghz / nvidia 1070ti purchased 6gigvram w/32 gigs of ram and a 256ssd and a 1 tb hd.

expect 4x more performance and potentially VR developments and ar.

old pc is nvidia 800ish?(alienware alpha) 2gig vram with 4 gig ram and a 5000 cycle hd…

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“I’m in”