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WorldStream (1).blend (545 KB)

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remade streamer using KDtree to grab tiles now the size of the visible world is much larger

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CCD manager is in.

No tunneling here.

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UI is into world canvas tool,
types supported
2.CheckBox(contains logic to sync to obj on main layer)
3.Arrow (sets color value based on target color (1,2,3,4) and value (+ or -) )
4.color peeker -> samples and displays a target object.color

MeshFX acts as a super pretty eraser at the moment :smiley:

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A little peak at the ui creation / destruction system.

I append a element and set it’s UI_ID_# (soon to be replaced with random strings of INT/ Upper case)

this way a actor can store it to update or kill it, or even run the ui of the world canvas / inventory / anything :smiley:

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ok so now
1.fixed sculpt strength value
2.implimented object placement
3.implimented save / load objects with tiles
4.added infrastructure to swap to edit object mode ui but did not finish

tomorrow - pick and edit object = [position,rotation,scale,color,properties] using UI
next day - noise generator config file

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Amazing ! nice work :slight_smile:

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Thanks mataii !!

1 = added a 3d perspective overlay with matching camera settings to main
2 = 3d overlay now adds 2d overlay so mouse is ontop of 3d overlay
3 = 2d ui manager can now manage and edit objects on all layers
4 = implemented choose edit target in canvas editor
5 = created tranform gizmo in 3d overlay
6 = created checkbox to abandon edit mode
7 = set up UI manager to purge editor elements and reset for canvas editing when leaving edit object mode.



end of 3_15_2018 -

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So transform gizmo is almost complete,
was thinking that edit mode + r is rotate, edit mode + g is move, scale is will be the shortcuts,
(just like blender)

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had a little time last night to polish up the tools a bit,

there is a issue where if you are too close the mouse movement is not about the threshold to move the model,
and if the model is too far away it will move waaaay to far, so next up is basing sensitivity by distance.

also added ‘Kill object switch’ and setup edit mode to exit edit mode without releasing ctrl key.

getting there!!

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