Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

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made a new bot / enemy and baked and textured this dude today

GTPU - Generic Transportation unit

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first off - here is “Terk”

and the this branch (bpr_branch) is ge_cubemap_fix + ge_mesh_builder

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New building kit = less game objects per section by quite a bit,

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Pew Pew Pew !

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dusted off Wrectified and migrated to master

Tried to perfect bloom

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My agents ‘ride a ray’ - this means they are not using collision contacts to move along the ground,
instead the move themselves based on the ray hit point,

(No popping when changing meshes - running over a triangle boundary etc)

when my actor ‘shuts down’ they then fell to the ground which looks unrealistic, and also is bad because I potentially want to unload areas around a actor -> walk away -> come back and they are not fallen through the earth

so now I suspend physics in idle
and ‘wake’ the actor with pre - collision ‘bumper’ or with the ray that impacts them

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