Blender Open Game Development Project-Wrectified

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It’s tough working without much feedback,

Full parametric city generation :smiley:

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added a jump state, add a sprint state also,
going to need to make a sprint animation as well.

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1- a weapon and a car, and even enemy AI can use the same code now I think (compound entities)
2. mouse aim / auto aim systems now have some overlap, so it’s very easy to give the player control of a entity (jeep/ tank / robot etc)

this autoaim uses the same input (β€˜X’ and β€˜Y’) as the players mouse looks system*
mouse_controller_w_autoAIm_clamp_range_in_degree.blend (830.3 KB)

Child_component_update_optimized2.blend (1.1 MB)

component_example_jeep2.blend (3.9 MB)

component_example_trike_cannon_fused.blend (3.9 MB)

Wrectified_entity_system.blend (4.1 MB)

:smiley: tuned in the aiming system using local instead of angle differences, as it was prone to trying to flip.

vehicles / robots mischief managed :smiley:

now combat is getting interesting,
and you can carry / aim stuff,

keys / parts / assembly should work quite a bit like aiming a gun

you can now get in a vehicle!
can’t get out yet though!

will code that in the morning as well as β€˜occupied’ status for seats (so the player and his ai’s can work out where everyone will sit)