Blender Open Hardware Design Platform

I have started a google plus page for “Unknown Forces”

Some of our projects will be open source,
including this one
I need project managers to head projects…

A platform used to design hardware using components that are pre-made by people and submitted for review as additions, these pieces will all have real world properties, and editable variables, and represent a real component or input/output channel,

I am not a amazing coder, I need some for this one, and there will be little, to no compensation… accept the ability for anyone to make the world better, or learn how it works…

3d internet eventually, but first a map editing tool, and ability to represent solar systems and celestial mechanics…

I need people who know the whole picture, from road-map, to endpoint
we need to design, and implement systems that are generic enough to represent a wide variety of devices with little additional coding,