Blender OpenCL Node Compositing

The Compositor redesign to OpenCL is 1/3 way through it’s financial goals and J.Bakker is making progress and uploading videos and posting reports.

This is a huge undertaking, but a great way to start getting cross platform GPU computing power into blender.

Please consider donating money, if more gave something we’ll get there in no time.


After payday, I hope I can donate. This really looks promising, and the possiblities this brings is extraordinary for Blender :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

alas, no credit card(not gonna get one, they’re evil), no paypal, as simple as that. :frowning:

there’s paypal I donated with that, pretty simple process.

whats the problem with paypal?
you can use a normal bank account with it.

unless you are extremely reckless the are handy to have you just need to learn to shop with your head not your eyes, and when it comes time to taking out a home loan or car loan or maybe a business loan it pays to have good clean credit record not having a credit record can actually deter banks from lending to you.

Nice to get an update on this, I should donate again when I have some space in my budget.

same here, this paycheck I will donate again.

Regarding OpenCL can’t it be bundled with blender source? so more devs get to know the OpenCL API calls.

more OpenCL stuf at working on OpenCL BGE Particles , which is cool. I offered to donate but he doesn’t want money. I did a logo for him instead.

the future is OpenCL :smiley:

I’m swiss, yet a real countryside wild man… I have no need of credit card! And thus: there is a problem… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[offtopic]Debit cards, people, come on.[/offtopic]

Nah, my banks a -bleep-, don’t do paypal at all, that’s the bloody problem. :frowning:
You can use a normal bank account if the bank’s got a deal/partnership with paypal,
I’ve discussed it with paypal support in the past, oh well.

Why lend money from banks if you can lend money to the banks and make a profit off of the interest,
sure a small one, but non the less… …thats my opinion any way’s. :slight_smile:

As for me not making a credit card, that’s more of a matter of my unwavering/draconian principles… :confused:

I’ve got one of THAT, guess what though(in relation to paypal)…

This’ll be my last off topic post in this thread though, promise.
Still <3 ya all, especially Jeroen for the epic coding battle he’s taken up, make no mistake of that. :wink:

Bankster are a huge problem but technology solves most stuf. IMO paypal just a tech to pay fast. :slight_smile: in Sweden we have “decent” banks compared to the states etc. but still it’s a hussle.

but folks do donate, I would love to see us getting over the 7500$ mark, and get the “half-way” there feeling.

IMO OpenCL needs to get in blender on way or the other, to get more people into OpenCL.

trad_mul(int n,
const float *a,
const float *b,
float *c)
int i;
for (i=0; i<n; i++)
c[i] = a[i] * b[i]; }

is in opencl

kernel void
dp_mul(global const float *a,
global const float *b,
global float *c)
int id = get_global_id(0);
c[id] = a[id] * b[id];
} // execute over “n” work-items

so there’s a requirement for rethinking code but it aint that HARD_ compared to learning a new language. it’s just a diffrent syntax. then figuring out when to use it and not.

but on the surface it doesn’t look that terrible diffrent from C. or C++

OpenCL is C with extensions and limitations, so every C/C++ coder has practically no learning curve except reading the OpenCL specification and checking implementation details (amd/nvidia).
understanding the architecture of blender is much more difficult and time-consuming, imo.

yeah, so the devs already doing blender dev, should read up on opencl i guess. I wnder if it can be used to speed up simulations? we should start a donation to get physBAM into blender, it’s roadmap already include parallell computing.

do you really need to consider hw implementation with opencl ? isn’t the idea behind it to take care of the close to the metal stuf for you and opencl is exactly the same nevermind the hw client have available.

Goal 3 should be up around 23% now. Jeroen has quite the task ahead of him, but with a little bit of our support, he can bring a gift that will keep on giving to the community over and over again! Go, Blender community, and go, Jeroen!

Wow, $15k.

I mean, is this “pay me $15k and I throw it over the wall. Good luck!”


“pay me $15k and I’ll support it forever”

I’m pretty sure he wants $15k to finish it (although I get the feeling he will at least try and get it done if he doesn’t reach that goal) but after it is done the blender devs can just adapt and update the code to have it working with the future blender releases.

I would like to donate to this but I’m not sure if a sock full of holes is much of a support to continue working on this :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it would feel really weird to donate to this project rather than to Japan :confused:

Hey all,

Thought i better bump this back up after seeing this build appear on graphicall –

anyone tried it yet? (dont have linux installed at the moment)

Hi all,

I did the build for DingTo, he asked for it on irc, if there are people that want a windows build let me know and ill make one.

make a OSX build!