Blender -> OpenGL

In working on my final project for my graphics class (done in OpenGL mind you) I have heard murmurs that the models done in Blender can be made to import into OpenGL.

So I searched around, and asked around, and the tidbits my teacher gave me were not very helpful really. He mumbled something about DXF and soforth, and I did find the bearcave program which I got running, but it couldn’t really import the standard Blender monkey properly - let alone give me a usable chunk of code I could copy/paste to help me in my project.

I’m hoping someone here has done what I am trying to do - take a model I’ve done in Blender and somehow finangle that model to a bunch of code in OpenGL and then use that code to plunk into a Scenegraph in another OpenGL program. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

so, you’re saying make a model exporter which exports c/c++ : the opengl calls to draw the model?

… I don’t think one of those exist or would be very useful

I wrote a braindead simple exporter which did only triangles and vertex colors into a text based format read which was read into a display list of triangles [with like 3k polys total it was really fast], but you probably want a more complex format.

[guess I should find that]

I think you should look into how to build an exporter of your own, because at some point you will have to change the format of your model signifantly [into a triangle strip, and then into an index array triangle strip… [or whatever opengl calls it]]

I don’t know much about this, but maybe this will help:

You may find this usefull, for loading models and getting more out of OpenGL.

Its a variety of lessons (can be found on the left in batches of 5) from 01 to 48.

Lesson 25 you may find usefull, which shows you how to load simple models & morph them.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Did either of you bother to look at the date of the last post?

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Did either of you bother to look at the date of the last post?

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