Blender opens a concole like window, Windows

Running Blender 3.2.1 under Windows 11 Home.
Lately Blender opens not only the graphics working display window, but also a console like window, independently.

Closing this window closes Blender.
Can I get rid of it? it clutters my taskbar and seems unnecessary.

There are two executables in the blender folder. A blender.exe and a blender-launcher.exe. The latter is able to keep the terminal closed completely. But normally it should also just appear at startup when using blender.exe instead. Perhaps you have a -con command line argument in your shortcut.

I think it always used to appear at startup and then would close itself down.
The difference lately is that it remains open.
Not sure what has changed in between.

Well I have Windows10 running here, not 11. But I just downloaded 3.2.1 testwise and I cant confirm its behaving like that here. What happens if you use the launcher instead? And does it close if you use Window-> Toggle System Console in blender?

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The same thing happens to me… console remains open when I launch Blender. Pretty sure I’m only running Blender.exe.
Windows 11
Blender 3.3.0

I’m using 3.2 but you should be able to toggle it off in the view menu.

@csimeon @Safetyman

Seems like Windows Terminal is behaving slightly different in Windows 11 than the console under Windows 10.
As I said I cant test it here, but there is a “Profile Termination Behaviour” in the Windows Terminal settings, that is adjustable under which conditions it should stay open. I’d check if changing that helps.

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Can’t find that under settings, however I did find a way to hide the terminal in the notification area (instead of it occupying space on the taskbar): pulldown menu ‘Settings’ > Appearance tab> switch “Hide Terminal…” to active (was inactive)

Well, from what I’ve read, it should be found under the advanced settings of the command prompt profile. Anyway if the setting you mentioned does what you were looking for, its also fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I turned that setting on, but I still have to switch to the console and minimize it manually to hide it.

Hmmm I dunno my friend. I do know the taskbar for Windows 11 is a half-job, minimal functionality. I switched to a custom taskbar from the very beginning, it works with that, maybe not with the original?

StartAllBack offers a fully customizable taskbar and other UI improvements to Windows 11

Everything @Debuk has said worked, starting with the setting directly under Blender, from the Window menu. Also the setting that I mentioned is good, if you want it minimized away from the taskbar, in the notifications area, at least it works with the StarAllBack Windows UI addon, I have installed over Windows 11.

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True, but before when I would minimize it (yes manually), it would stay on the taskbar, now it goes to the notifications tray.