Blender opens fullscreen by default

Like the topic says, I once saved the blender defaults with blender in fullscreen and it has stayed that way since, i have attempted to fix it by obvious means (save defaults settings with blender not in fullscreen).

Anyone else have this issue and know of any ways to fix it? code or otherwise?

I found a solution, apparently the fullscreen prop or datablock was being stored somewhere that was not so obvious, probebly a reminent from previous releases of blender while still using the same .blend for loading the screen layout, I used a addon to clear the orphaned datablocks from my startup.blend and everything seems to be working in good order :slight_smile:

Now if a person could tell me where such a datablock would be stored that would be useful, I tried to find it in the outliner but to no succes, the operator is bpy.ops.wm.window_fullscreen_toggle() I believe, but the actual value prop location is unknown to me.