Blender operations through Python

With 2.34 scripts can be defined so that they show up in the menus. I’d like to be able (in edit mode) to do the following through a Python script (not sure if it’s even possible but here goes anyway)…

Select some of (or all of) an objects vertices. Run a script that 1) Calls Blender’s extrude (without moving any of the vertices) and then 2) calls Blender’s “Shrink/Fatten Along Normals” and then exit the script. At this point then I would finish the operation my moving the newly created vertices to whatever location I need.

Now let me admit upfront that it is perhaps lazy to even suggest such a thing but oh well. The main question here is can you initiate blender opreations via a python script?

Well, AFAIK, Curently couple of functions exist in Blender.Window python module. Like you can enter/exit edit mode.

It will be cool to have more editing functions accessible by python API.

  • Satish.