Blender Optical Illusions

Here’s one I just made…

How many balls are there?

To find out, copy paste this to your txt editor and zoom in:
there are 4! there is a reflective plane, and two are cut in half by it.

Ah, very cunning! :smiley: I thought the lighting looked kinda strange, and now I know why!

The specularity gave it away pretty fast.


I insist that there are 6 balls in that image.

I say three.

You can tell us whatevery you want, but that doesn’t change the fact because that’s not an optical illusion. There are clearly 6 balls in the picture. I don’t care about how many there are in your .blend file.

Oh, ha ha, valarking. %| Mr. Scientific…

Well, does anyone else have any blendical illusions?

Theeth: I know. Why do you think I posted this in off topic, and not Finished Projects?

i did this over a year ago.

count the boxes

count the boxes






9 cubes and 1 sphere

It’s not scientific, I’m just using my damn eyes.

Try harder next time.

Theres two cause the refective ones either have spec on the bottom or both the bottom and the top.

Well then. Then I see 13 balls. There are balls on the balls. Maybe there are infinte many balls. Cause there are balls on the balls and on those balls are other balls and so on.

Let me rephrase the question:

How many sphere MESHES are in the Blend file used to make this picture?


I said two, am I right or wrong ?

Read the answer in my first post. It’s in size one font! :smiley: Just CopyPaste it and blow it up.